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The Magical Land of Uza
The Tale of the Princess En

Ch. 1

  Hi my name is Roxanne at least that is the name I always was called. I’m still trying to wrap my head the fact that I’m actually a princess from a magical kingdom. I know totally weird right? Apparently my name is En...Princess En. I am soon to be crowned Queen En on my 18th birthday but I am getting ahead of myself here, let me back up a bit and tell you exactly how I come to find out about all this crazy mess.

  It all started with my best friend Todd. It was my 16th birthday; we had planned on taking a road trip to the falls, which is about three hours from our house. However, his grandmother had got sick so he went with his parents to see her. Before he left we decided to take our bikes and ride down to the park. We was talking and walking along the pond and he seen something shining on the ground. “What’s this?” he said. He picks it up and it’s a necklace and the charm on the necklace was a weird looking dragon with rubies for the eyes. “Here Happy Birthday Roxanne, I’m sorry we can’t go on our trip but wear this till I get back and then we will go to the falls” “Thanks Todd, you know this thing is weird looking but it’s actually really cool” So I put the necklace on and when I did something strange happened it was like I had a vision of something. I saw a beautiful queen but she was sad, she was holding a baby and around the babe’s neck was this necklace. Roxanne! Roxanne! ROXANNE! Todd was shaking me fiercely. “What…huh?” I was so confused as to what I had just saw. “Where did you go?” Todd asked looking at me with a very concerned look on his face. “Ohh sorry was just thinking about how crazy it is that I am 16 already”. “Yeah we are going to be graduating and going to college soon” Todd said. I didn’t mention anything else. I put my hand over the dragon and just started walking with Todd again.

  Later on that night my parents surprised me with a birthday cake and my favorite meal spaghetti with salad for the side. We are sitting at the table eating and my mom looks at me and says “Roxanne that’s an interesting looking necklace you have there. Where did you get it?” “Oh Todd found it when was at the park earlier down by the pond.” My mom just stops eating and looks at my dad they both look really strange at each other like they had seen a ghost. “What?” I said “I know it wasn’t much of a birthday present but I kinda like it”. My mom looks at me with the most scared look on her face “Roxanne you need to take off that necklace right now!” “NO! I’m not taking this off this is mine.” She was freaking out! “Mom what is wrong with you?” She kept saying take it off to me over and over. Finally my dad got her to calm down. I left the kitchen and went upstairs to my bed room. Later on that night I heard my parent’s talking at first it was muffled sounds but then as the conversation went on they got louder….

“Steve I’m scared, that necklace, that necklace”

“Margie calm down, I’m sure it’s not the same one”

“But it looks exactly like the one she had on when we found her, what if they try to get her again? What if they succeed this time? Steve I don’t…no I can’t lose my little girl.”

“Honey calm down I’m sure it’s…..

“IT’S WHAT!” I burst through the door. “What about this necklace? Who is going to get me? What are you guys talking about?”

  My mom just sat there completely silent, tears was rolling down her face. My dad looked at me “Honey sit down we need to talk”. As I sat there and listened to their story I couldn’t believe it. First of all they had told me that basically they had been lying about my whole life. My parents are not my real parents, those pictures of my mom holding me when I was first born was not me, but another baby they had lost shortly after she had gave birth. They had found me at the park by the pond a week after they lost their baby and adopted me. When they found me there was a note and around my neck was a necklace, a dragon necklace! The note only said please take care of my En. They had told me that they think the necklace was used to track my whereabouts because for several years after they had found me there was something evil that had tried more than once to capture me. They described it as a shadow that would come in the middle of the night. Finally my parents threw the necklace in the ocean on a beach trip when I was 6. That was ten years ago, they thought they had seen the last of whatever it is that was following me. With them seeing that necklace return had made them nervous. They said it looked exactly like the necklace they had threw in the ocean all those years ago.

“So all these years you have been lying to me?”

“Honey we love you, we wanted you from the moment we saw you, we knew we couldn’t let you go in the system, we have done everything to protect you and keep you safe.”

“But you lied… and the fact that your story is completely ridiculous doesn’t make this any better. I mean come on stuff like that doesn’t exist…. Evil following me pffft….what a bunch of crock!”

“Roxanne we know it sounds crazy but we swear it’s true….look here is the note we found on you.”

  I open the note and as soon as I read the note I saw that same flash of queen holding a baby. “That’s me…..omg that’s me!” I sat there and was so distraught about everything, tears was rolling down my face. “Mom, dad, I have to find out who my parents are, where I come from, why they abandoned me, I have to know why.” They knew that I had to know who I was, I deserved that much since I was lied to for 16 years. My dad looked at me and sighed "honey I will help you anyway I can but know we wasn't able to find any record of birth or anything about you, it was like you come from thin air almost. We was walking in the park that night and had already walked around the pond twice that night. We never saw anybody drop you off there. We searched for two years to find your birth parents but we never had any luck."

Great this is going to harder than I thought....

Ch. 2

  The next day at school I was all alone in class. Todd was still with his parents visiting his sick grandma. I wasn’t necessarily one of those kids who were friends with a whole lot of people really Todd was my only friend in school. Except for Amanda but we didn’t have any classes together that year she was a senior, we had met my freshman year in an elective class. She was really popular but always made sure she made time for me. We always sat together at lunch so I had to wait through till lunch time to even have a friend to talk to that day.

  Finally lunch rolled around, “Uggh thank God finally some social interaction from someone normal”. I went through the lunch line and felt a poke at my side. “What’s up Roxi! Did you see who Tony Adams is dating now?” Amanda said. “Oh no I haven’t who?” Amanda went on about how he was dating Crystal Sizemore, the school slut basically, she had went out with every guy in the school almost. “I guess it was only a matter of time before she got to Tony” I said. “See this is why I don’t date guys from our school, they are all used up” Amanda laughed. The whole time during lunch I wanted to tell Amanda so bad what I had found out the night before but couldn’t bring myself to do it but I know I had to. “Hey what are doing after school, Todd is away with a sick grandma thing and I am in desperate need to spill some things to someone?” I asked her. “Oooooh gossip with miss Roxi Anne!” I rolled my eyes “No it’s nothing like that it’s more like….well I….just meet me after school and I will tell you everything!” “This sounds serious” she said, “do I need to bring tissues or boxing gloves?” Amanda always had a way of looking on the bright side of even the most messed up situation. “Just meet me after school K? P.J.’s?”

“Sure sounds like a plan I will see you around 3:30!”

  School let out and I headed over to P.J.’s, it is this local typical teenage hangout pizza joint and most kids come here after school to eat because the food at school is terrible. Anyways I get over to P.J.’s and order mine, Amanda’s, and Todd’s typical pizza with mushrooms, roma tomatoes, and green peppers with extra cheese. It’s crazy how the three of us bond over the simple fact that we all are vegetarians. Amanda finally shows up, fashionably late right at 4:00 pm; with a story about how she had to put her dad back in bed again because he fell out. Her father is in stage 4 brain cancer and basically it is a matter of time when he goes. Amanda used to play sports in school but quit all of her after school activities to take care of her dad. Her mother had passed away when she was a baby from a terminal illness, so needless to say for Amanda to have such turmoil in her life she was such a bright and lovely individual to be around. “Ok so tell me this Roxi Anne secret that you couldn’t spit out at school”. Amanda always calls me Roxi Anne when there is gossip to be told. So I went in to the story about how I was found at the pond by my parents, and told her about the necklace, and the note, and how Todd had found the same necklace at the pond.

“Ok so you’re a pond baby, no big deal, your parents love you and it doesn’t matter right?”

  “Well there is something else too which I don’t really understand. My parents told me that this necklace tracks me. They said something evil is after me. So that’s how I found out about my parents not even being my real parents. They said they threw this necklace in the ocean ten years ago. How did it manage to get back here? Is this the same necklace? Ohh I don’t know what to think Amanda, it all sounds so ridiculous, I mean come on? Doesn’t it sound ridiculous to you?”
Amanda paused for a second and took a deep breath and said “I don’t think it sounds ridiculous at all, as a matter of fact I think you are about to find out what you destiny is going to be”. “Exactly what do you mean by that? My destiny?” I exclaimed. Amanda looked at me and stared hard at me.

“What? Why are you staring at me like that? Damn it Amanda talk to me!”

“Roxanne or better yet I should say Princess En there is something you should know about where you come from and why you have that necklace.”

Wait hold on did she call me Princess? I didn’t even tell her what the note said or anything!


“No listen your real name is En, you was born in the Kingdom of Uza. Your parents are King Fargo and Queen Holly. You are not from this realm En. You were sent here to be protected from Lord Akma, he killed your parents just shortly after you was sent away. I was asked to watch over and in time when you got older I would tell you who you truly are and take you back to Uza to claim your throne and overthrow Lord Akma.”

“Amanda come on don’t….what… this is all bullshit! There is no way I am some princess from some different dimension thingy, no, that’s just ridiculous.”

“It’s true I promise.”

“And furthermore how the hell do you explain the fact that you have parents here? Hmm? What is up with that and if you was sent here to PROTECT ME then how is it that you’re only a year older than me? And further more…..”

“Let me stop you right there Princess. I am not what you think I am, I am what you call a marlan, I can take form of whatever I choose. That shadow your parents was so scared of when you was a kid was me. I was watching over you not trying to steal you away. That necklace is what gives you your powers, see I have one too (Amanda pulls out her necklace). The reason I have a family is because about ten years ago right after I seen that my shadow form had scared your parents I saw an opportunity to transform into a little girl who was dying in the hospital. I’m the only reason this body is still alive. The real Amanda’s soul left a long time ago. I was able to attach myself to her body. Her dad never knew it wasn’t his real daughter in there. See I have the ability to also know what memories of whoever’s body I take over, how they act, everything about them. When we return to Uza you will be able to find out what powers you have.”

“Wait so you’re saying I’m not human? I have powers? I’m so confused right now. Like what is your real name?”
Like what the hell is going on? This is just so out of this world.

“My real name Dayana. No you are not human; when we return to Uza you will know what you are your necklace will guide you to that. We don’t have to return to Uza right away, I’m sure Lord Akma probably knows you have your necklace back by now. Every Uzaian has an orb that floats in the castle’s planetarium and when they die or their necklace gets lost, taken from them or whatever; their orb goes out. See royals orb’s shine brighter than of the others and yours was the only orb left that shined brighter and when yours went out, Lord Akma thought you was lost to this realm forever. We do need to get back to Uza as soon as we can though because he will start searching the realms for you. He has the dorbans on his side and they are the most evil race in Uza. They have the ability to mimic any other power that one has and use it for evil. They are not ones we need to encounter just yet.”

  I am sitting here, the pizza has gotten cold, and I’ve lost my appetite anyways. I can’t believe what I am hearing but at the same time I feel something deep in my gut that Amanda isn’t lying to me. So I continue to humor the conversation because by this time I’m already in deep right?

“So how many races are there in umm Uza?”

“There are 7 races, the Marlans which is what I am, the Dorbans which are the evil ones they are usually born as a Dorban very rarely do any other race create Dorbans, The Vistens which is what your father was they have the ability to harness the power of the moon, The Shylins which is what your mother was they have the ability to harness the sun, The Creedos which is what Lord Akma is and they have the ability to manipulate time they are a peaceful race with the except of Lord Akma, he has kept our realm in constant time loop since you left Uza, then there are the two rare races which is the Jargins they have the ability to read minds and see the future there is only 5 of them left they are the oldest of the races and then you have the Holpipins there is only one left and no one knows exactly what a Holpipin does. There are rumors that they can travel through time and space and that they left Uza long ago to explore other worlds. The only one left in Uza lives on top of Mt Toll he has not left his home for thousands of years and nobody knows why. Legend has it that he waits there for the one ruler that will bring Uza back to life and once they do he will create a time portal and bring all the races that died during the grand war of Nan back to Uza once again to live in peace and prosperity. They say this ruler will be the most power ruler ever to be in Uza and that they will gain immortality and reign over Uza forever. But we don’t know if that is what he can actually do because he never leaves his home. So I guess we shall see.”

“Okay so exactly how are we going to get back to this other realm… Uza how do we get there?”

“Leave that me I will take us back. I have a key to open the door to Uza from this realm. Your mother and father gave it to me when they sent you here.”

“If I actually do go with you to this Uza place can I come back whenever I want to if I don’t want to stay there?”

“Yes you can always return back to here, you will have the key to come back anytime you want but I must warn you this key only has a certain amount of times it can be used once you use it the last time it will vanish and whatever realm you are in you will be trapped there for forever. So you must use it wisely.”

“Well how many times can I use it?”

“There isn’t an exact number on how many times you can use it but it is very limited. You will know if they key is getting close to its last use it will start to become weak.”

“Okay Amanda I have a lot to soak in I need to get home and just reflect on all this.”

“Sure let’s get out here.”

  We leave the P.J.’s and as we walk out the door this man bumps into me accidentally or so I thought and grabs my arm and whispers in my ear “Do not return”. Amanda grabs a hold of me and we take off running down the street. I am scared, could all this be true? Am I really this Princess En?


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May. 9th, 2017 01:49 am (UTC)
I like where this is going. How many chapters
is this? Keep writing. It's good so far!
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