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Chocolate Chili #7, Strawberry Banana #5, Vanilla #20

Author: winebabe
Title: A Date with the Night
Story: The Gemini Occurrence
Rating: PG-13
Flavor(s): Chocolate Chili #7: enmity; Strawberry Banana #5: a date; Vanilla #20: drinking
Word Count: 960
Summary: 2025; Fate sets Genevieve's plan in motion and shakes up Adelina's life.
Notes: Adelina Garland, Johanna Montemayor, Genevieve Kessler-Downing.

"Holy shit," Genevieve breathes, one hand pressed lightly over her lips. Adelina and the stranger are still standing inches apart, Adelina's wrist locked in the other girl's grasp, and the glow from their heart devices has drawn everyone's gaze.

"No way," Adelina says, and raises her head to meet the dark eyes of the young woman across from her. "Would you let go of me?"

"But you're my soulmate!" she says and cackles, finally releasing Adelina and slipping her hands into her leather jacket. "These pointless little accessories supposedly don't lie."

"Supposedly," Adelina grumbles.

There are a few beats of silence, where all three woman just look back and forth between one another. Genevieve pulls her phone out and starts scrolling through Instagram, just to give herself something to do to escape the awkwardness. She almost wants to remind her best friend that it's more than possible her soulmate is a woman, especially when throwing their first summer together in as context, but she remains silent. It's bad enough having to be the third wheel in this situation, but before the dark haired, dark eyed biker chick emerged from the bar's side door, they had been talking about Jude. Genevieve's sure the woman heard them, and that sets her on edge.

"So," Adelina finally says, "what now?"

The woman grins and reaches out to take Adelina's hand once more. "How about a drink, sweetheart?"

Johanna--Adelina's leather-clad soulmate--leads them back into the bar through the side door and straight to the bar. Genevieve hangs back, just watching, wondering whether or not she should leave. She'd introduced herself as Johanna Montemayor, eyes never leaving Adelina's, and a strange mixture of discomfort and jealousy has managed to bubble its way to the surface since then. She wishes, partly, that when she and Adelina had first touched, their hearts had lit up inside their skin. It seems unfair that this abrasive, angry girl gets to have Lina, the sweetest person Genevieve has ever met. It seems unreal.

"Pick your poison, honey," Johanna says, linking hers and Adelina's hands together on top of the bar. "You too, Gen," she calls, and Genevieve rolls her eyes, hopping onto a stool a few seats down from the both of them.

Johanna orders a shot and Genevieve follows suit, glowering down the bar at her. Adelina raises her eyebrows but says nothing, ordering a rum and Coke for herself once the bartender has finished pouring the shots.

"Take it easy, buttercup," Johanna warns, nodding at Genevieve. "You're a tiny thing; are you sure you can hold your liquor?"

"Bitch," Genevieve mutters under her breath and throws back the shot. Whatever it was she ordered--she'd just copied Johanna's order--burns on its way down and she gags, just once, before she pushes the shot glass towards the bartender and requests another. "I can take care of myself," she insists. Johanna isn't even listening any longer; she's propped up against the bar, batting her lashes at Adelina and it makes Genevieve sick.

"You two don't look the type to frequent a place like this," Johanna tells Adelina.

"We're not," she agrees, even though she knows her history speaks for itself. Genevieve is a little sheltered, still, and looks so out of place in her floral dress and polka-dotted wedge sandals. Summer's almost over, and she's milking it for all it's worth, but even Adelina thinks she looks a little ridiculous. Everyone else in the bar is wearing jeans and jackets, and though the afternoon weather was hot, the temperature has dipped since sundown.

"So, why are you?" Johanna questions. "Or is it just Fate that brought us together?"

Adelina weighs the options in her head. There's a glint in Johanna's eyes that tells her she's not to be trusted, but everything else about her screams for an explanation. She looks dangerous, and Adelina almost thinks they can use that to their advantage. "Geni's husband is an asshole. She had to get away," she says, testing the waters.

"An asshole, huh?" Johanna laughs. "What, like mean?"

"Like abusive," Adelina says before she can think better of it.

Rage flickers across Johanna's already-severe features, and Adelina regrets the admission immediately. It was never her place to disclose that, not when her friend was just a few seats away, but before she can say anything to rectify the situation, Johanna is off of her stool.

She makes her way to Genevieve, who's holding onto her shot glass for dear life, and slips an arm around her shoulders. "Genevieve. Why don't you come join us, honey?"

Genevieve turns to her, slowly, wide eyes wet and impossibly blue beneath the lights. "You frighten me," she says quietly, and Johanna just smiles. It's the most delicate expression either of them have seen cross her face since they met.

"No, you're not the one who needs to be afraid," she assures her, and the two of them make their way back over to Adelina.

Genevieve is still holding onto the empty shot glass when she takes a seat on the other side of Johanna. "She told you, didn't she?" It comes out as an observation, not a question, and Genevieve doesn't seem disappointed. "You heard us, didn't you? In the alley. You heard us talking."

"Well." Johanna flags down the bartender and holds up three fingers. "Let's just say, I think we should get a private table to discuss this--quietly."

"You did," Genevieve says in disbelief. She turns to Adelina, who is sitting quietly, expressionless. If she's surprised, she doesn't show it. "Does this mean you can help me?"

The bartender returns with their drinks, and Johanna smiles as she passes each woman a glass. "Yes," she says, placing the shot glass into Genevieve's hand. "I can help."
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