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‘Verse: Natural Forces
Challenges/Toppings/Extras: Chocolate Chip Mint #10 (luminous), Rocky Road #16 (where it all happened), Rhubarb #14 (one small step for man) + Butterscotch + Cherry (this weird trailer-esque thing)
Rating: PG
Title: Corners of the Earth I
Summary: The Awakening.
Notes: Here’s (part of) that backstory I promised.

In 2049, a massive earthquake northeast of the Philippines wipes out that country. Japan and China are devastated by three consecutive tsunamis and, with them, compromised nuclear reactors. Five years later, while the industrial and technological sectors try to recover, an expedition to scout nuclear waste-dumping sites discovers something big: a new cave system off of the Marianas Trench has been uncovered by the mega-earthquake. The second-to-last transmission says the entrance “looks like the moon is shining through it.” It is the first unexplored part of Earth since 2025.

What the deep-sea vessel finds there is a mystery, as the machine that receives the last transmission suddenly, inexplicably breaks as it comes in… and every other technology around the world, from the tiniest camera to the largest factory, becomes nothing more than parts that refuse to work as they did before. Hundreds of thousands drown at sea when the navigation and propulsion of their cruise ships and military submarines shuts off, and a million more are consumed in the fiery wreckage of airplanes dropped to Earth. High rise buildings become deathtraps when elevators plunge and stampedes follow.

For those lucky enough to be on terra firma, in their beds on one side of the world or walking the streets on the other, the world is reshaped. The Awakening, it is called: a seemingly-random one-third of the remaining population Awaken. The few who are conscious when it happens to them know that it feels like an electric shock: a full-body tingle coming from the ground up through the feet and setting every nerve to quivering. These few know instantly what they are given.

As for the ones fast asleep, they wake up groggy and confused, but also with magic at their fingertips…


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Jan. 7th, 2014 09:34 pm (UTC)
Ooh, I love background. I get a bit freaked out personally by "technology fails" stories, but this sounds so interesting with the magic and all!
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