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Hello everyone! I'm TanyaLazagna and I'm a 21 year old student from chilly Ontario, Canada. I am a loving cat parent to my two blackcats Tazo and Robert (Bobby). I spend my free time listening to Audiobooks, reading, or catching up on my favourite tv shows.

Title: And so it begins
Author: tanyalazagna
Story: Fruit of the Dead
Flavor(s): Peppermint #29 confetti, Pawpaw #1 this is only the beginning
Topping(s): N/A
Extra(s): N/A
Rating: PG
Summary: Sophie extends her contract with the demon lord Darcy.
Notes: This storyline is inspired by the story of the Abduction of Persephone. It will most likely not be entirely chronological order and will include experiments in writing style and points of view. I am looking forward to interacting with all of you in this community :).

"I gave you five years," his snarled loud enough for Sophie to hear it over the cheering crowd. His grey eyes darkened, his pupils widening until all she could see of his eyes was darkness, "Five long years to say goodbye. That is more than I have given any before you. What can one more year do for me.

Her mind worked fast, every previously rehearsed explanation seeping away from her mind. It was like grasping at water as it poured over your fingers. Impossible.

She stood before him trembling in a black dress with a sequined bodice and flowing chiffon skirt. He towered several feet over her head, even in her five inch heels, and looked just as menacing as he had five years earlier.

"One more year," she pleaded, "that is all I ask from you, my lord. What is one year in comparison to eternal servitude."

There was a rough shove from behind her as an intoxicated teenager in a red dress bumped against her. She fell forward, bracing her hand on his chest as he caught her. She bit her lip as she looked up into his dark eyes slowly, terrified. His toothy smile was anything but human.

What was she getting herself into? This creature had the power to rip her into thousands of little pieces and she was asking him to extend her mortal life by one more year. She had been lucky enough that he had not interfered with her life after making her first deal five years before. She had a feeling that another deal would not turn out in her favour.

He bent his faced down and breathed in the scent of her hair. He whispered in her ear, "Sophie, I would not do this for just any human, but I have a soft spot for you my pet. One more year of a mortal life."

"What is the cost?" if saving her sister's life five years before had cost a soul, what would breaking that bond cost?

"Nothing you will miss, just a few drops of blood," there was almost a red glow behind his all black eyes that sent shuddered down her spine. He grabbed her hand and pulled her throughout the crowded club which had abandoned dancing in favour of watching the countdown on the screen.


He pulled her against the wall and pulled an intricate dagger from his breastbone pocket, shielded from the rest on the crowded by large velvet curtains that hung from the ceiling beside the alcove.


He used the ancient dagger the cut the palm of his right hand. A small sliver of blood came rushing to the surface, "Do you, Sophie of the house of Skylark, do swear that in one years' time you will cast off your mortal form and submit to my will?"


He handed the dagger to her, blade first, and she mimicked his movements. The blade was as sharp as a surgical blade but still sent a prickling of pain up her arm. This dagger was not forged by human hand.


"I do swear," she whispered out, the two grasping their bleeding hands together.


This shook her from her concentration for a brief moment. When she looked back to where he had stood, he was gone. She would have sworn he had never been there, if it was not for the trickling of blood down the palm of her hand.

All around her, sparkling, colourful confetti, fell like snowflakes on a clear day. It was almost surreal to her - since she had never thought she would live to see the New Year. She knew that this would not be the last time she saw the demon lord Darcy.

No. It was only the beginning.

P.S.: Can I please have the author tag tanyalazagna


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Jan. 5th, 2014 05:35 am (UTC)
Oh my goodness, am I the first one to welcome you?

Well, hello there! I'm just coming back from a months-long hiatus myself; still awesome to see new people coming in. Hope you enjoy our community!
Jan. 7th, 2014 08:19 pm (UTC)
whoa, very interesting start! I'm immediately curious about the characters. Since this is inspired by the Persephone myth, I'm guessing we're going to see Darcy collect his due sometime soon. Wonder what Sophie's planning to do with her last year...

(also, hi! welcome!)
Jan. 13th, 2014 06:41 pm (UTC)
Welcome to RaTs!
That is such an interesting start and I love the idea of using the Persephone myth as inspiration for a story. I look forward to reading more!
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