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Avocado - Diamond Precipice

Author: 1306
Rating: G
Challenge: Avocado #22 (Curve)
Word Count: 765
Story Arc: Valanga Heights
Title: Diamond Precipice
Summary: Edin receives some holiday cheer unlike anything he's ever seen.
A/N: A little something just in time for the holidays. Merry Christmas, everyone :)
Edin took Lissie out for a walk across the city that morning. They crossed the middle tier, past its neatly-paved roads, towering structures, and rolling mounds of clouds leading out into the countryside. Lissie had been out there countless of times, owing to how Edin liked the solace of being amongst the light pink (of mornings; by afternoon it turned a dull orange, and by night, dark like the night sky) landscape.

Lissie loved it as well. He held Edin's almost see-through hand, swinging it to and fro as they proceeded through the misty fields of that morning.

"Where to, little captain?" Edin grinned at her. She pulled him onwards, instead of the opposite (though it might just be Edin getting used to pulling Spencer into things), and he went along with it.

Lissie spotted a cloud that rose to a flat top; it looked like a stack of thin books that spiraled a few meters high into the open. A few days ago it wasn't there; the landscape had the tendency to shift and reshape wherever a building wasn't built upon it.

Edin followed Lissie as she skipped up to the top of the pile-of-books plateau. The two of them took in the sight of an entire set of valleys carved into the panorama of pink and yellow. Days ago it looked as if hills were about to rise where the valleys now dipped low.

Edin didn't think he could be any more surprised when he looked up.

Something glimmered in the sky. A million somethings followed suit, soon filling the sky with enough sparkles to render a clear night sky look inadequate. Each sparkle grew by the second, until it fell upon the clouds, gone before their eyes. Some of them hovered straight down to the ground, while others curved and swirled like snowflakes.

The thought of snowflakes made Edin think--the scene reminded him of winter in Spencer's world, but not quite as sparkly. Though the biggest of wonders came to him that it had been the first time it rained glitter, for the lack of a better term, in his own world.

Lissie danced around where she stood, trying to catch the precipice in her hand. It vanished just as quickly as it appeared, but she never ran out of glitter to catch. Edin noticed those that passed through him and smiled.

He could only think of one person who would write in something so novel.


He found Spencer curled up on the sofa, after a day's worth of Christmas parties and cross-city trips. His day ended on the sofa, where he rested for a short while. Edin knew the day and time; later on he'd be up and about again, and by midnight, the entire city would be celebrating the holidays.

Edin saw the file Spencer had on his laptop screen. He sailed up to it and scanned through a few pages. He grinned, realizing that he was reading his own story.

"How's the weather in your world?" Spencer sat up, looking at Edin. "You like it? Or is it perhaps a little too sparkly?"

Edin turned around and smiled at him. "Lissie wants to catch a jar of them and set it on her bedside table. I'd say it isn't too sparkly."

"I'm just sorry it took me this long to write something new." Spencer brushed his hair back. "I know it's been a while--it's the least I can do. 'In the spirit of giving', as they all say."

Edin stared at him for a while, much like a little kid had seen Santa Claus, or even on of his reindeers. He hovered towards him, and with a smile that grew wider with every inch he moved, he threw his arms around Spencer and embraced him.

"Thank you, Spencer," he said. "It's enough. More than enough."

Spencer's heart warmed as he saw Edin's usual blue glow grow brighter, as it always did when he was so caught up in emotion. He patted Edin on the back.

He had made sure that the glittering precipice came every other few months, and that Lissie had a jar of them for her bedside table (which would require her to refill it every other week). Spencer thought of the idea after an early morning of staring at snowfall from inside a coffee shop; he spent a short part of the evening putting it together in words.

The hug he got from Edin made everything a hundred times more worth it. Spencer returned the favor and hugged him as well.

"Merry Christmas, Edin."


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Dec. 28th, 2013 09:55 pm (UTC)

I love the interplay between Spencer and his characters. This is such a fascinating story.
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