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Discovery (My King Series)

Title: Discovery

Author: skybirdday

Challenge: Chocolate 15 - passion; Chocolate 16 - pride

Summary: Leto's Da talks to her about Lady Athena

(set a week or two after the story Homecoming)

"Da, tis' good to see you," said Leto as she embraced her father as he rose from his chair in the study.

"Did you enjoy your two weeks alone with your husband in the old family castle? Did you two behave yourselves or shall
I have a grandchild by the end of the year?" he said with a twinkle in his eyes.

"Da!" shouted Leto with a laugh.

Her Da shrugged. "Your brothers would ask the same time."

"We used precautions using herbs and a sheath for such. Even though we are newly wed, we wish to enjoy each other for a little while. I know you and Mum did so for a year before Malcolm was born. We both want children when it is right. However I do no think that you called us here to discuss grandchildren.

Her father frowned then. "Nay, I seek to talk to you about the Princess Athena."

"Ah, what about her?"

"Child, do not take that tone with me. Gwynn told me after your wedding that you argued with her. What has she done to you to deserve such ire?" he said, sitting down back into his chair.

"She lied to everyone, Da, about who she was! How can I serve with someone like that?" said Leto, pacing back and forth.

"Have you asked her why she did so?"

Leto stopped to stare at her Da. "What purpose would that serve now?"

Her Da sighed. "It would help you to understand her position. It has to do with her grandfather, King Stephen. In the last war, King Stephen was in a position were he could and would not win and many lives were lost -- sons and daughters, mothers and fathers. So he took the only way that he knew to deal with it - abdicating the throne and giving to his enemy's son. No more lives to be lost at a heavy cost.

"However many nobles believed that Stephen abandoned his kingdom when he gave it to King ? in exchange to end the war. They called him a coward and peasant King. In reality, he was trying to save it and his people. He told me once that 'too many noble and good people died in that war.' He understood their loss for when he was young, he lost his father in battle."

"I understand, but what does this have to do with Lady Athena?"

"She told me something once. She probably saw how the other nobles treated her grandfather. She told me that she did not wish to be Queen."

"Then why in the One's name did she agree to be King James' heir?"

"She probably believes that he will outlive her since he is just a youth and then there will be no need for her to ascend the throne. However there is an interesting story - when Stephen left the throne, an old woman, a seer out of an ancient line of seers, came to him and said that his granddaughter would become Queen one day. Seers, as far as I know, have never been wrong at least her line."

"But why hide who she is?"

"Even though Stephen and his sons are dead, there are enemies that would take numerous measures to ensure that no descendent of Stephen's could assume the throne. There must be a great trust between King James and the Princess. How old is he now?"

"Fifteen, Da, and becoming the man that his father was. Lord Brody and Lady Athena have been helping him."

"Since you now know the story behind Princess Athena, will you be more understanding of her?"

Leto nodded. "Aye, Da,"

Her Da smiled, rose once again, and they hugged.

Then there was a knock at the door. They turned as it opened and Malcolm stuck his head in. "Hello, Da, Leto. Lord John is here and he brought with him Lady Beatrice."

Their Da smiled. "Good," he said turning back to his daughter. "Do you remember John, brother to King James in the north-west region of the Southern Kingdom?"

Leto frowned. "i think so. A small boy at the last time that I saw him, always quiet. Has he married?"

Malcolm let out a laugh, "Nay, although Lady Beatrice hopes that they will wed."

Leto smiled. "Ah, and what if he does not wish to be wed to her?"

"Then it is up to fate as my Da would say long ago," said their Da. "No, if you wish, we shall revisit with Lord John and Lady Beatrice. Then along with your brother and your Gwynn, we shall sup together." At that, Leto and her Da followed Malcolm out, closing the study door behind them.



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