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Title: Pouncing
Author: Anais Belle
Original/Fandom: Original
Rating - K
Warnings: None
Prompts: Fudge Ripple 17 - Playfulness, White Chocolate 21 - Whimsy, Marshmellow 15 - Kids at play
Topping: Caramel
Summary: Young Alexia eyes the toy mouse as it moves across the room under her mothers watchful eye.
Word Count: 317

Alexia wriggled her bottom, tail swinging slowly where it hung in the air. Limited in the control of her transformative state, only her hands feet and tail were fully formed. At the age of 3, it was normal enough, to fall into her feral state, and the young girl twitched her ears and whiskers, eyes dilated and in a constant state of change between a cat and human. The buzzing of a tiny motor filtered through her ears as the toy mouse whizzed across the room.

“Lexi,” her mother called out just as Alexia set herself to pounce. Her body rippled, shift closer to its human state. “Child of Mine,” her mother called again, though the child refused to turn her way.


“Ha! Gabby, gal, you got one silly child,” her mother laughed. Gabby knelt beside Alexia, a smile on her face on the intensity of the toddler’s focus. “If master could see you now. I be glad him locked the power him gave you away.”

She poked the child in the side, moving quickly to avoid the clawed swipe aimed her way. Gabby clucked at her, shifting to all fours, quickly slipping out of the slip she wore for her day to day tasks.

“Mama will show you all about pouncing, and soon enough, child of mine, we’ll be hunting as one. If you don’t hold your aunty’s temper and set dem aflame first.”

Her skin rippled, body shrinking as it changed into the form of a large tabby cat, not her prefered shapes of a lioness or panther, both of which would be too large for the occasion.

Gabby dropped herself down which a purring growl, waiting for Alexia to pay attention, and waited.

Head down.

Hind legs stiffened.

Tail flat on the floor.

She listened to the buzz of the motor fill her ears and once the mouse crossed her path they pounced.


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Dec. 28th, 2013 09:50 pm (UTC)

sweet little family moment... and cats!
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