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#23 of Pineapple Pocky Sundae

Author: Bitz
Title: Clarification
Rating: Everyone
Pineapple #18. hindsight is 20/20
Topping/Extra: Pocky
Story: Hawaiian Sunrise Series- Alaula
Summary: Lana talks with an upset Mason after the argument between him, Ana and Baylee.
Characters: Mason, Lana
Word Count: 91

"Wait, wait...stop mumbling, Mason. I don't understand what is going on." Lana said as Mason sat sulking to himself on the couch playing video games. "I said that if only she hadn't fallen in love again...maybe things could have progressed between us." Mason replied in a low voice.

"Between who? You and Ana?" Lana asked incredulously.

Mason nodded.

"What do you mean fallen in love again?"

All Mason had to do was give her a look and Lana didn't need anymore questions. She knew exactly what was going on.


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Mar. 18th, 2013 03:53 am (UTC)
Aww, poor Mason :( Hopefully the games help release some of the stress at least.
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