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Author: lady_leia_solo
Story: The Mondian Chronicles (Archive/Index/Timelines)
Title: Alright Indeed
Challenge: Cherry Chocolate Chip #15: favor
Topping(s) and Extra(s): Gummy Bunnies (#79: loyalty from 100_tales and #75: miraculous relief from 500themes)
Word Count: 762
Summary: They had dreamed this for years. She had dreamed of this.
Rating and Warning(s): G; None
Note(s): This takes place in the sixth month of 1132 AW. Jean Luc, Martine, and Alexandrine are cousins through their father and mother respectively. Charlotte married Jean Luc in 1120. They have six children, four boys and two daughters.

“I’ve received a letter from court,” Jean Luc said to his wife.

Charlotte looked up from the book she was reading. Her husband held a sheet of paper in his hand and he was watching her closely.

“Who’s it from?”

“You won’t believe this, but the King.”

Charlotte laughed. “You’re right I don’t believe you. Why would he write to us?”

“Haven’t you heard the rumors from the capital?” Jean Luc said sitting down next to his wife.

“I have heard the rumors,” Charlotte said deliberating on her words. “But I’ve chose not to believe them.”

“Well it appears they are true.”

“So the King is marrying our cousin?”

“It appears that they already married,” Jean Luc said handing the letter over to Charlotte.

The letter was brief.

It would be our pleasure if you and your wife would come to court. We shall be looking for you.

-Henri Roi

Charlotte looked up at Jean Luc.

“Are we going to go?”

Jean Luc sighed. “It’s not as if we have a real choice, is it?”

“What about the children?”

“We could take them, but we might not be in Morelessa for long. What do you think?”

Charlotte tapped her fingers against the plush couch. She hadn’t been away from the children since they born and little Clarisse was far too young to be traveling.

“Let us see what they want us for,” Charlotte said finally.

Jean Luc nodded and stood. “I’ll start arranging for our departure.”


“Her Majesty will meet you in the Blue Sitting Room,” a servant said to them.

“Both of us?” Charlotte asked.


Charlotte looked at her husband; he nodded as they followed the servant up the grand stairs and towards the sitting room.

The palace looked much the same as it had some seven years ago, Charlotte mused to herself, though she noticed that the pictures of her sister in law were gone. She hadn’t really expected them to remain after what had went down. But it took a minute to get used to.

The servant knocked on the door.

“Your Majesty, the Everarts are here.”

The door flung open.

“OH cousins! It’s so great to see you again,” said fourteen year old, Lady Alexandrine Bauldry, the younger sister of the new queen.

Jean Luc grinned at his young cousin.

“It’s wonderful to see you as well, Alexandrine. You’ve grown prettier.”

Alexandrine blushed prettily and grinned at Jean Luc.

“And you are still handsome, cousin, despite your increasing age.”

Jean Luc laughed.

“Alexi, don’t keep them standing out there, invite them in,” the Queen’s voice said from inside.

Alexandrine smiled and motioned them inside.

“How are the children, Cousin Charlotte?”

“Oh they are fine as always, Alexandrine,” Charlotte said.

“I wish I could see the baby,” Alexandrine said excitedly.

Charlotte smiled at her excitable cousin.

They found Martine sitting on a light blue couch. Her dark hair was flowing freely about her shoulders and she had a beam on her face.

They all bowed to her.

Martine stood as they brought themselves back up.

Martine held out her hand to Jean Luc. He kissed it and smiled.

“How weird this must be for you, Luca,” Martine said.

Jean Luc smiled. “I admit it might take some getting used to.”

Martine turned away. “I’m still getting used to this. It has all happened so fast.”

Martine turned back around and approached Charlotte.

“Charlotte, I wish for you become one of my ladies of the bedchamber.”

“I-what?” Charlotte asked for once at a loss for words.

Martine smiled and rubbed her growing belly.

“You have always been loyal to our family, Charlotte, to both our families.”

Charlotte glanced at her husband and back to the queen.

“It has been my honor to be a part of this family,” Charlotte said firmly.

Martine nodded.

“And I wish to repay that loyalty. I need those who are loyal to me and mine. I need you, Charlotte.”

Charlotte looked into Martine’s chocolate brown eyes. They were so honest. How could she refuse this request? The family would be elevated once again. They had been hoping for a chance like this for years. She had been hoping for a chance like this one.

“What do you say, Charlotte?”

“If my husband says it’s alright. Then I will gladly consent,” Charlotte said.

“I wouldn’t dream of denying you,” Jean Luc said.

“Then I will,” Charlotte said finally smiling at Martine.

“Alright!” Alexandrine exclaimed.

Martine laughed and Jean Luc joined in. Charlotte smiled. Everything would be back to normal. Everything would be alright indeed.


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