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Some Pictures

Here are two pics of fictional characters of mine, and a very brief bio!

This is Selene in her lioness form. Selene is a werelioness; it's the same kind of concept as a werewolf only the individual becomes a lion instead of a wolf! Selene is currently the main character for some of my Runaway Tales stories on my other account selene_lupis.

This is another central character. She is named Lenore Gray, and she is Selene's adoptive mother, and is a werewolf, a Canis lupis so to speak. She adopted Selene as a baby because Lenore desperately wanted a baby & didn't know if she could get pregnant, not having found her destined mate yet. Lenore is very caring and supportive of Selene, and to a point is quite protective of her eldest child.

More pictures and bios shall come along as time passes and I have the time to do them!

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