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Guava #18, Cola #6, Quince #10

Author: Blossomdreams
Rating: PG-13
Challenge: Guava #18 (just what I always wanted), Cola #6 (the quicker picker-upper), Quince #10 (actions speak louder than words)
Story Arc: Pleasant Surprise
Title: Surprises
Toppings: Rainbow Sprinkles, Butterscotch
Summary: Alain isn't into this human holiday called Valentine's Day, but Raynard may help him change his mind.
Word count: 903
Notes: Hello! Hope to be back for a while ^^. I know Valentine's Day is over, but this came to mind and I finished it today. XD This isn't meant to be mean or anti-valentine's day, but I always thought it would be funny for demons to poke fun at our holidays. Raynard is one of Bernard's older brothers and Alain is his mate. Well enjoy!

Alain didn’t know why Coven picked Valentine’s Day out of all the human holidays to celebrate. He enjoyed Christmas, New Year’s, and the month long party at Halloween. Valentine’s Day on the other hand didn’t hold much meaning to him. He read the history about the holiday and wondered why humans spent such time on it. However, the demons in Coven copied the same action of a standard bouquet of roses and box of chocolates. Whatever guy Alain dated at the time gave him those presents and he had to fake a smile each time.

The only thing that changed about the items was the color of the flowers and chocolate box.

Alain didn’t look forward very much to the holiday.

He didn’t mind when Raynard asked to hang out on Valentine’s Day, though.

Alain smiled when he saw Raynard waiting outside the library. He walked over and placed a kiss on his cheek. “Hello.”

“Hello, ready to go?” Raynard asked as he reached for his hand.

“Yep!” Alain smiled. He linked their fingers together on the way to Raynard’s car. “I can’t believe you celebrate this holiday. I’m sure you know the history behind it.”

“I do, but it can’t be as bad as the history behind our holidays.”

“Name one.”

“Lady Lilith day, Day of Shadows, the holiday when we go to the Second Great Plane to visit our dead, the holiday when the ghosts come back to celebrate with us, Alastor Day…”

“Alright, fine, you’ve made your point. I still think it’s a silly human holiday.”

“It’s an excuse for the human corporations to sell products. It seems legit to me.”

Alain grinned and squeezed his hand. “I knew there was another reason why I liked you.”

Raynard smiled and kissed his cheek. “So what do you want to do today?”

“Hmm, I think a movie and dinner. I believe that’s standard for this day, right?”

“Yep, but before we go I have a present for you.”

Alain hoped Raynard didn’t notice the way his smile dropped. He messed with his shirt to take his mind away from it. “Really? What is it?”

“It’s a surprise and it’s in the car. You’ll like it, I promise.”

Remember Alain you like him. “Can’t wait.”

Raynard squeezed his hand again on the way to his car. Alain tried to keep the same warmth that appeared when Raynard was around, but if Ray was like the others he may have to think things over. He didn’t want to because he really liked him, but he wanted to give Raynard a second chance. Alain bit his cheek when they stopped at Ray’s blue Taurus. Alain continued to wonder about Ray and his family’s obsession with human cars.

They settled inside, Ray reached to the backseat and pulled out a bag. “Here you go, Happy Valentine’s Day!”

“Thanks.” Alain grinned at the green and black gift bag with the white paper that hid the contents of the bag. Might as well get this over with. He pulled out the flowers, almost rolled his eyes at the chocolate, but stopped when he felt wrapping paper. Alain frowned and pulled out two big packages wrapped in gold paper. He tore them open and stared at the contents inside. He turned to Raynard who chuckled at the surprised look on his face.

“Do you like it?”

“First editions…you got me first editions of these two books. Y-You can’t even find The Revolutionary Tales of Eoin Finn anymore. It’s been sold out for years along with the sequel. I looked everywhere. How did you…where did you…how?” Alain spluttered.

Raynard couldn’t stop the smile that broke across his face. “Do you remember those three weekends I said I couldn’t hang out?”


“I spent those weekends getting the books, translating them, and getting them together for today. I didn’t know when would be a good time, but I thought the holiday about love would be perfect. That’s part one of your gift. You know that human series you like about the detective.”

“Which one?”

“Um he has a partner name Watson.”

“Sherlock, that’s the name, why?”

“Check the bag in the back.”

Alain scrambled to the back and snatched the bag out of the seat. He tore inside and nearly set the paper on fire in his rush. He gaped at the books in his hands. First edition books of Sherlock Holmes and his wonderful partner Watson. Human books of that caliber were hard to come by in Coven. The restriction of human literature in the libraries may have been lifted a hundred years ago, but they weren’t able to get the best copies.

Alain made due with his old, ratted copies at home. However, he didn’t have to try and figure out the sloppy translations anymore.

Alain turned to Raynard; he grabbed his shirt and pulled him into a heated kiss. His hand slid into Raynard’s hair while the other undid the buttons of his shirt. Raynard groaned and pulled Alain closer.

“How about we watch a movie at your place and order takeout?” Alain whispered against his lips.

“Sounds good to me.” Raynard whispered back as he placed a small kiss against his lips. He put Alain’s books back in the bag and placed it in his lap. He took Alain’s hand and teleported them to Raynard’s apartment.

Alain seemed to be wrong about Raynard and Valentine’s Day.

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