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Rum Raisin Bunny, Father

Title: Not so Forgiving
Land: Madrona Capital
Characters: Father Thomas. Sister Ester
Flavours: Rum Raisin Bunny, Father
Toppings: N/A
Word count: 618
Rating: PG
Summary: Father Thomas spends the morning reflecting on his duty for his role in the days holiday.

A/N:Madrona is a collective work being housed at madrona_project all are welcome to come and add to our canon.
runaway_tales prompt lists.

Father Thomas hated the Festival of Forgiveness more than all the other holidays combined. It would not be long before the devout would pour through the heavy wooden doors looking for absolution. He knew it was duty to absolve them, but just once he wanted to point out that some of them had been here for the same reason for the past five years. He was willing to bet most even longer than that. He was lucky he was assigned to the Church of Madrona and not one of the churches in the outer realms.
Some if his brothers were sent to small chapels were they knew the locals wouldn't want them. He grew up not far from the church and once he made his made up to join the seminary he had hoped he would be assigned there. One most days he loved his parish and would never dream of leaving.

The next few days would test his patience. Just once he wanted to shout this is not something you are ashamed of, but a dirty thrill you feel the need to share.

He would have worried that he was just old and jaded except he had just turned twenty three on his last birthday. He sighed and ran his fingers through his short dark blonde hair. He took his seat at the small table in the kitchen and watched out of the large picture window.

He tried his best to to find his happy thought for the day as he watched Sister Ester take the tin of imported tea from the top shelf. She only brewed it for him if he was sick or she knew he was going to have a trying day. Some days he thought she kept it on the top shelf to torment him. There was no way he could reach anything that high.She was as tall as he was short. They really complimented each other, they truly were mirror opposites of one another.

She really was a blessing and kept the house and church running smoothly. She had been in charge of the grounds for the last forty years.
She had joined the Sisters at the age of fifteen and never wanted to leave.

Father Thomas had heard many horror stories over his time in study.
The most recent was about how poor Father Matthew had only lasted a mere six weeks before she had him sent to the outer realms beyond Bergljot. He couldn't think of anyone who wanted to live near Bergljot. The weather was dreadfully cold. It was one of the many area’s where the believers were almost nonexistent.

He was smart enough to know that she could make or break his reputation. He did his best to stay on her good side, fortunately he tended to agree with her more often than not. He smiled as he took the mug of tea she had brewed for him. He took a moment to savor the one luxury item they had.
“I thought about making you a nice breakfast, but I learned my lesson last year. If you are hungry you will not dawdle over the petitioners. Absolve them of their stupidity and tell the ones that need more than that to come find me to make another appointment with you.” Sister Ester told him.

“I didn't take that long last year. It wasn't all my fault the Johnston's have three set of twins and each one wanted to tattle one it’s twin and try to make the other four look even worse.” Father Thomas sighed and drank his tea.

He grabbed his coat and headed off to save their souls, while he struggled to keep his sanity.


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