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Name: Dream-Chan 
Story: Snapshots
Title: The Ribbon Caper
Characters: Isabelle, Kevin, Christiana (Age 9)
Rating: G
Genre: Humor, Hurt/Comfort
Overall Summary: A day at the park turns into an attempt to make Isabelle feel better about her parents upcoming divorce.
Notes: A nice set of Pocky's (that are NOT a chain) and a pair of Banana's as a challenge to get me back into RaTs after over a year. There multiple parts from multiple P.O.V, but all are part of the same day and the same story. This is the bucket-load of Pocky's and other such things.

Part I

Challenge: Vanilla #21 (A Dare), Chocolate #2 (Rivalry/Jealousy), Strawberry #27 (Ribbon)
Toppings: Whipped Cream, Cherry
Extra: Pocky
Summary: Kevin flirts with death after stealing from Isabelle
Note: All of Kevin's parts will be in first person, which I am out of practice on.

“Give that back KEVIN!”

Isabelle Dante, the one that terrified the local bullies, was shouting at me cause I took her ribbon. It didn’t scare me Kev Feir, because I’m awesome and no one can boss me around but dad cause he’s huge!

“Ha ha can’t catch me Izzy!” I shouted as I waved her favorite red ribbon around from behind the playground swings and dared her to come after me. She was my rival cause I was better at soccer and running and she’s better at school stuff.

“I’ll make you sorry you took my ribbon Kevin.”

“It’s Kev!”

Part II

Challenge: Vanilla #16 (Unexpected Luxuries/ Simple Pleasures), Chocolate #22 (Anticipation), Strawberry #20 (Leaves)
Topping: Whipped Cream
Extra: Pocky
Summary: Christiana watches the race for the ribbon from a safe distance
Note: The trio are actually at the park by themselves (for the first time). There are several good reasons for this. 1). Christiana's mother couldn't care less where her daughter was as long as she was out of her hair during the day when she didn't need her. 2). Isabelle's dad is moving into a new place and is so busy mourning over his ruined marriage that he wont know Izzy had gone out until she comes back and he freaks out over what could have happened. (This makes him keep a closer eye on Izzy) 3). Kevin's babysitter has fallen asleep on the job (this one will be fired in a week when they're caught sleeping with no sign of Kevin) while his foster parents (you'll find out what happened to his biological ones later) were out working.

“Why’d he do that?” Christiana wondered while she played with leaves, enjoying the fact that she was outside, and watched them run around. “She was all sad yesterday and now she’s angry. Is she gonna be happy tomorrow?”

Waiting for Isabelle to grab her ribbon, she wasn’t disappointed as she grabbed it and punched Kevin for taking it.

She watched as Kevin then jumped on the swing and started swinging high. she got up as he jumped off of the swing and, leaving behind the tools needed for their ‘treasure hunt', went to see what they were talking about.

Part III

Challenge: Vanilla #29 (My Favorite Thing(s)/Fetish(es)), Chocolate #3 (Sympathy), Strawberry #21 (Swings)
Toppings: Whipped Cream, Cherry, Cookie Crumbs
Extra: Pocky
Summary: Kevin tries to reason with Isabelle

“You need to get over it” I muttered rubbing my arm as I watched Izzy try to tie her ribbon.

“Huh?” Izzy looked at me funny, not getting it. I started to swing which was my most favorite thing to do on the playground. ‘Maybe I could beat my record.’

“Your folks.” I said and watched her sorta slump. “I know you want to get ‘em back together cause they’re getting divorced” I told her after jumping off the swings. She didn’t even yell at me about being stupid and getting hurt doing that.

“But you can’t.”

Part IV

Challenge: Vanilla #28 (Mail/Letter/Package), Chocolate #23 ((in)security), Strawberry #9 (Puddles)
Toppings: Whipped Cream, Gummy Bunnies (April 2011 word prompt [5. Purpose] from mad_muses)
Extra: Pocky
Summary: Kevin thinks that Isabelle is insecure about her place in her parents hearts. Isabelle thinks the opposite.

“Yes I can! I’m smarter than you.” Izzy said. She was sure she could get them back together. Daddy just had to stop going out with those other ladies and mommy had to be nicer to daddy and everything would be better again.

“No you can’t” he said

“I have to” she said, stomping her foot into a puddle and splashing him.

“Why. Cause they’ve forgotten you and you want them to remember you.” Kevin asked.

“No they won’t. Daddy’s home and I got a postcard from mummy yesterday see?” Izzy told him, pulling it out of her dress pocket.

Part V

Challenge: Vanilla #12 (A Storm), Chocolate #5 (Mercy), Strawberry #10 (Mask)
Topping: Whipped Cream, Cherry
Extra: Pocky
Summary: A change in the weather is now forcing them to leave.

“There’s going to be another storm.”

I turned around to see a leaf covered monster glaring at me.

“WAHHHHH!!!” Me and Izzy screamed until the leaves fell off of her face revealing just plain old Tia under there.

“You dropped this.” She gave Izzy her postcard back. She looked at the dark clouds above us.

“That was soooo cool Tia you looked just like a leaf monster or maybe a spy with those leaves all over your face.” I said. Tia and Izzy looked at me like I was nuts.

Which I’m not.

Part VI

Challenge: Vanilla #11 (A Walk in the Woods), Chocolate #21 (Luck), Strawberry #23 (Boots)
Topping: Whipped Cream
Extra: Pocky, Fresh Strawberries (Hurricane Bob)
Summary: Killler storms? Not in this neighborhood!

“At least if we get caught in up in it, it won’t be a super big storm like that Hurricane that hit up north and killed a bunch of people when we were five. We’re luckier than that.” Isabelle commented. All this did was send Christiana into a panic attack thinking of killer storms.

“Common.” Kevin said, stomping his rain boots on the wet and muddy ground and interrupting Isabelle’s attempts at calming Christiana down. “Let’s go through Skullduggery woods to get home.”

Grabbing both of their hands he raced down the waterlogged path dragging Isabelle and Christiana with him.

Part VII

Challenge: Vanilla #2 (The Sniffles), Chocolate #29 (Relief), Strawberry #5 (Bucket)
Topping: Whipped Cream
Extra: Pocky
Summary: Kevin puts one of Isabelle's fears to rest
Note: The final written part, but there will be a extra two to help with this whole story.

“Hey, Izzy,” Kevin said as he dragged them through the thin trees. Christiana carefully listened, unsure of what was about to happen.

“What?” Isabelle asked.

“Even if your folks get divorced and you have’ta move to like California or something we’d still be your friends you know. We’re not going away.”

Listening to Isabelle quietly sob and sniffle as she tried to keep her tears back, Christiana decided that those tears were happy tears. She knew sad ones and these ones weren’t.

“Oh no!” she exclaimed, shocking Isabelle and Kevin. “We forgot the bucket and spade from our treasure hunt.”


Challenge: Vanilla #16 (Stranded), Chocolate #30 (Joy), Strawberry #15 (Key)
Toppings: Cherry, Whipped Cream
Extra: Banana
Summary: A look at what might really be 'Skullduggery Woods'

Concept 1 (Skullduggery Woods)

Part IX

Vanilla #19 (Games/Sports), Chocolate #24 (Peace), Strawberry #9 (Signpost)
Topping: Cherry, Whipped Cream
Extra: Banana
Summary: The type of playground the kids played at
Note: I don't know if these two pictures count as Whipped Creams if somebody could tell me that would be great. Until I am told otherwise I'll put them down as Whipped Creams.

Concept 2 (The Playground)


Feb. 6th, 2013 01:06 am (UTC)
Kevin and Christiana definitely have issues thanks to their families and their pasts. Isabelle is just smart for her age, but the divorce and the years that led up to it will do a number on her perceptions of people for a while.


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