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FOTD; Fudge Ripple #15; Blueberry Yoghurt #4

Author: Regret
Rating: G
Story: Radial: Unravel
Challenge: FOTD - Word-Hoard; Fudge Ripple #15 - Confidence; Blueberry Yoghurt #4 - A Promise
Topping: Whipped Cream (Alex is 14)
Word Count: 547
Summary: For the first time in two years Alex and Kennet are in the same class. It's not long before the battle lines are drawn...
Notes: What am I doing? I have no idea... Also, Alex is still a bit naive I suspect. 9_9

It was the first time in almost two years that they were in the same classroom together. Alex glowered across at the back of Kennet’s head, fiddling with his pen and listening with only half an ear as their teacher spoke at great length about Shakespeare. Two years and he could still remember it like yesterday.

He’d been pasted from here to Christmas in punishment for starting a fight when he should be in class—it had been a struggle to walk, let alone train, for over a week afterwards, his backside and legs had been black and blue, marked with clear handprints—and he could easily imagine that Kennet had received the same. He didn’t get much chance to verify it, however: they were separated with immediate effect. And now, finally, they’d been deemed trustworthy enough to share a room, at least in the daytime, without trying to kill each other.

Not that it was stopping him from imagining it. He could probably do it now too, if he didn’t think the Academy would take a very dim view of it...

The teacher’s voice pulled his attention away from pleasing fantasies. “Kennet, please tell me what the main themes of Titus Andronicus are.”

Whatever had been going through the blond’s head, it clearly hadn’t been the lesson; he started visibly. “I uh, I, well...”

Alex smirked at the teacher’s raised eyebrow. “Kennet never exactly had a way with words,” he said calmly, ignoring the way the teacher’s other eyebrow raised to join the first. “I think it requires being literate.”

Two years ago Kennet’s face would have turned an impressive shade of red and glared daggers at Alex. Now, instead, he just leaned back and rested his arm over the back of his seat, treating Alex to a brilliant smile. “Of course, there’s literate and then there’s overzealous pedantry. I don’t think Alex is as familiar with the first as he is with the second.”

It was Alex’s turn to raise an eyebrow—he’d practiced it, along with his smile; he was far better at the eyebrow—resting his elbows on his desk and propping his chin in his palm. “Oh, you actually learned to use a dictionary? I didn’t think anyone would ever be able to teach you that.”

Kennet opened his mouth to retort, only to be cut short by the ringing voice of their teacher. “That’s more than enough, boys. If you can’t behave I’ll have to take measures. Do you really want that?”

‘Measures.’ Anything from additional classes to a one-on-one session with one of the martial art instructors which would leave him in agony. The threat was enough to make him hesitate— although only just. “No, sir.” When Kennet echoed his words in a mutter, he found himself smirking again. “We promise we’ll behave.”

The blond’s horrified choking was well disguised as nodding agreement. The platitudes seemed to appease the teacher and Kennet clearly didn’t want to be the one to spoil the lie. Because if Alex crossed his fingers beneath his chin while he leaned on them, that’s surely what it was.

He smiled and settled more comfortably in his seat as Kennet turned to face forwards again. At least, it meant the promise didn’t count for him...
Tags: [author] regret, [challenge] blueberry yogurt, [challenge] flavor of the day, [challenge] fudge ripple, [topping] whipped cream

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