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Title: Dithering
Rating: PG
Challenge: Cotton Candy #3 “babbling”; Daiquiri Ice #19 “I'd drink to that!”
Story: Maybe December
Summary: Allyson and Jamie are having trouble heading to dinner.
Word Count: 696
Note: Continuing on the storyline of Jamie taking Allyson to meet his family in England (mentioned in Insisting and Telling)...they've now been in England for one day when this particular episode occurs.

Their evening commenced with a verbal exchange about love while she got dressed. It was all funny nonsense fueled by wine from both parties and nerves. Jamie came up with most of the comments, including one particular gem that almost made sense until the end: “Love grows and endures. It flourishes like a rose...or grapes.”

Jamie was on his third glass of Pinot Noir when he came up with that gem. He flowed into happy oblivion well before dinner. He sent another gulp down his throat before launching back on the silly philosophical conversation that began while Allyson was getting ready to head downstairs and join his family for dinner. “Love is good. It belongs to nothing but itself.”

Allyson laughed. She was on her second Chardonnay and was extra giddy. They were both nervous about the first huge family dinner where she was going to be under scrutiny by all of Jamie's available relatives. Both his parents, his sister and her family, his father's parents and mother's mother, two uncles and one aunt were assembled in the dining room. It didn't make sense to be nervous because the family members she had met earlier seemed to find her pleasant. But this was the full group in the manor house dining room. Of course something might go wrong. It was strange enough they were sitting in a building that was over four hundred years old, constructed by the 1st Earl who bought the family title and lands by selling wine to the King and his friends. Wine definitely ran in the Kennan bloodline.

Allyson finished off her second glass in honor of that memory. Then she had to come up with something to match Jamie's observation. “Love is beauty's truth?”

Jamie raised his glass. “Indeed! It reveals so much about everything!” He took another drink. “Here I am rambling like an idiot when everyone is downstairs.”

“We still have a little bit until somebody comes along to find out if we've fallen into a black hole.”

“Grandmother is no doubt getting rather tetchy,” Jamie said. “She likes things to run smoothly.”

“Well, I'm ready to go into the fray.” Allyson pulled her unruly hair into a tortoiseshell barrette. Clearly trying something fancy with the hair didn't work (the curling iron died). She had to make do with half-curls that were barely presentable under any circumstances. At least her dress was capable of looking decent under subdued lighting. It was about four years old, an expensive gift to herself after that bad old breakup. It was cross-strapped with a silver diamond in the center of the bodice. It was fancy enough to pass inspection with the Kennans. Not everything could be perfect when it came to the big dinner party; all that mattered was getting through every course without forgetting the proper sequence of utensils and how to keep her napkin straight. Oh, and keeping up with the conversation without sounding ridiculous. “Maybe we could hold off a little bit longer so I can get...” she reached over and gulped the remainder of her Chardonnay “...fortified.”

“We could make an extended detour around the portrait gallery. I could start you off with a visit with all the ancestors in the portrait gallery. Maybe we could battle the suits of armor with champagne bottles.”

“You've got empty champagne bottles?”

“Sure, right underneath my coat.” He pointed to his black suit coat which clearly didn't contain anything other than himself, and he looked fabulous in his attire.

They both laughed. It was a funny image: she and him wielding two bottles against suits of armor while under the inspection of his ancestors in their oil painted forms. It wouldn't be so funny to his living family downstairs if they happened to come up and found Jamie and Allyson acting stupid.

“Maybe we could just go downstairs and just face the inevitable. It's not going to be horrible.” Jamie placed his arm round Allyson. “You'll do great.”

Allyson bit her lip. “If you believe it, then maybe I should.”

“Then let's go.”


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Jan. 26th, 2013 04:04 am (UTC)
LOL! Oh dear; hopefully they're not too drunk to get through the situation without making idiots of themselves. Very funny and tense at the same time. Nicely done :)
Feb. 1st, 2013 06:34 am (UTC)
Thanks for reading. :)
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