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Flavor of the Day: The Marriage Problem

Author: lady_leia_solo
Story: The Mondian Chronicles (Archive/Index/Timelines)
Title: The Marriage Problem
Challenge: Flavor of the Day (kibitzer: A giver of uninvited or unwanted advice)
Topping(s) and Extra(s): None
Word Count: 374
Summary: There is no problem, Mother, or at least there won't be.
Rating and Warning(s): G; None
Note(s): Takes place around the third month of 1118. After his brief reconciliation with his Queen, Therese, in the late stages of 1117 and the Queen's lost of their child, Henri has returned with a new ardor to "his lady" Anna Everart and has renewed his suit with the Beatua.

“Your mother is here to see, Your Majesty.”

“Send her in,” Henri said without looking up from the paper he was reading.

The servant left and returned with a tall blonde woman. She smiled at him as he showed her in.

“Good afternoon, mother.”

“Good afternoon, Henri,” Elisabeth said waiting for her son to look at her.

Henri flipped through the papers on his desk and waited for his mother to speak. When she didn’t he finally looked up at her.

“Did you want something, mother?”

Elisabeth stepped forward. “I did, my son. I wanted to talk to you about your little problem.”

Henri arched an eyebrow. “My problem?”

“The marriage problem.”

Henri chuckled. “There is no problem, mother. If the Beatua accepts my plea and divorces the Queen and I, then I shall remarry.”

“But Henri, you must think of the repercussions. What about your daughter? And the people? The nation is divided over this whole marriage question.”

Henri stood up. “I am thinking of the future, mother. The people will be happy when they have an heir.”

“You have a daughter, Henri,” Elisabeth said quietly.

“Yes, I do. But there has been no Queen of Monde in some 500 years and she wasn’t a very good queen either. We need a male heir, mother. I need a male heir.”

“But Henri…”

Henri took his mother’s hands in his. “Do not fear mother. Everything will be alright. You will like my lady. She will make a good queen and a good matriarch like you.”

“I don’t care about the woman you choose, Henri. I am worried about our family and this country. This will tear us apart.”

Henri kissed his mother’s cheek. “You fret too much, mother. You should relax.”

“Henri…” she started but Henri had called one of his men.

“Escort Her Majesty back to her rooms,” Henri said walking back to his desk. “Be sure that she gets there safely.”

The man nodded and turned to Elisabeth. “Your Majesty?”

Elisabeth sighed deeply.

“I’ll see you at dinner, Henri?”

“No, I’m afraid not, mother. I am having dinner with my lady,” Henri said, his papers back in his hands.

Elisabeth shook her head and followed the man out of the King’s rooms.


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