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Kumquat + Pocky, Hot Fudge - Labels

Author: 1306
Rating: G
Challenge/Extras/Toppings: Kumquat #26 ("I could get used to this") + Pocky, Hot Fudge
Word Count: 100
Story Arc: Planetarium Collective
Title: Labels
Summary: Winter (barely) tolerates another one of Jack Frost's many questions.
A/N: So I couldn't resist giving Winter her own Jack Frost; and why not? Besides, I have a lot of ideas for these two, and for Jack himself ;)

"What does it matter that you call me anything?" said Winter, as she and Jack overlooked the small town, now partially hidden in a flurry of pearly white.

"I dunno," said Jack. "So, can I call you 'mother' instead?"

Winter shot a glare at him. Jack backed off, hovering off not too far away.

They both fell silent for a short while before Jack turned around and said, "Well, can I just call you my friend?"

She felt her heart leap. It didn't happen too often. "Yes," she replied slowly. "I'd like that. I could get used to that, even."


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