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FOTD - Hypnopompic

Author: Regret
Rating: 15
Story: Radial: Unravel
Challenge: FOTD - Hypnopompic
Word Count: 340
Summary: Alex's nightmares aren't always about his childhood... sometimes they can be about much more recent things.
Notes: I swear, sleepytimes are the only times these two are honest with themselves.

He had him but his hands were slipping, slipping down the length of his arm, slick with terror-sweat, the scrape of palm over skin. Frantic hazel eyes stared up at him; his mouth moved soundlessly as beneath him the drop dropped, pavement falling away; even without sound he knew he was screaming; why didn’t he just shift into claws, why didn’t he cling, puncture skin, rend flesh, just hold on

—As his hands slid away, past wrists, past fingers, past his reach as he grabbed desperately for him—as his hands phased through him—as he fell, plummeting into the twisting and writhing nothing—

He jerked awake in a flail of arms, lurching upright before he knew he was moving. He’d fallen, he’d fallen and this room was far too dark and quiet, the only sound was his harsh breathing and oh God it hadn’t been a dream and—

He turned slowly, dread crushing his chest because he knew, he already knew that the space beside him was empty, that he’d fucked up...

The dark shoulder visible above the sheets rose and fell with Milos’s breathing. Alex allowed his eyes to track the length of his body, taking in the relaxed position, the mass of thick blond hair tangled from the night’s earlier activities, the sheer peacefulness of the man, and let out the shaking breath he hadn’t realised he was holding.

He hadn’t fucked up. He’d caught him.

The cold air prickled at his clammy skin and he retreated beneath the quilt, sliding across the bed to press his back to Milos’s. He was warm and dry where Alex was damp and cold and he made barely a murmur at the pressure, only adjusting his position slightly to fit more closely against Alex.

If anyone had told him a year ago that he would have nightmares about failing to rescue an elf, let alone a co-worker, he’d have laughed in their faces. Now, as he felt sleep drag him under again, he was only relieved that he hadn’t failed.
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