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Title: Vision

Author: skybirdday

Challenge: Chocolate #4 - frustration/Butter Pecan #5 - rough

Series: My King

Summary: This is King James' vision.

(one of the characters in this was to be nameless originally, but he surprised me and named himself)



One night King James got into bed going to sleep as he began to dream.

When James awoke, he opened his eyes, looked around and said "Where am I?"

Then a voice spoke. "You are in the village of Nade, young sir."

James turned and saw an old gentlemen with short whiite hair, bright hazel eyes, and dressed in a fine blue suit peering down at him. His wrinkled face stared. "Who are you, young man?"

"I'm. . .James," he said, geting up off the ground to stand in front of the old man.

The old man smiled, his toothless grin widening. "Ah, 'tis a good name that. The young king was named that too long ago."

"Was?" frowned James.

"I am boring you with history. Trouble is the young usually do not listen to the old."

"No, you are not. I like hearing about history."

The old man stared at James. "I have a feeling that you do. Long ago there was a king named James who ruled for a few years before a sickness plagued the four kingdoms and many died including King James. But he set somone as his heir before he died and later the heir married. Now fifty years later, the King and the Queen are celebrating their julibee. They had rough frustrating times at first and went through the good and the bad. They have ruled well and have tried to be wise. They have always thought of the poeple first. They have survived so much

"What are their names?" asked James.

Then the old man said the two names and only then did King James understand.

"I see."

"Look there!" said the old man. "There they come in their carriage with Princess Lyssa."

James and the old man turned to see an elderly couple and a young woman ride by as the old woman stared at them for a moment before turning away as the carriage went by.

"She seems to know me."

"Perhaps. Too bad the Queen is blind now. I remember when she was young and full of life. Still full of life, but alas age makes you slower. Or so my children tell me," he said as he began to walk away.

"Wait, sir. You haven't told me your name or about your family."

The old man smiled sadly. "My wife is dead and I live here with my eldest son and his wife. As for my name. . ." Here his smile brightened a litte. "In my youth, I was known as Gwynn, your majesty."

"Gwynn. . .why you?"

"Perhaps the One has a sense of humor or this vision is to lead you. We never knew about this vision until later. Now my King, wake up now and may the One guide you."

Then King James woke up and heard something. 'Birds? is it morning already?' he thought to himself as he got out of bed. He knew that he had things to do.


(This scene ties into the previous story called 'Julibee'. As for the names of the rulers, I will reveal that soon enough). :)


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