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Blueberry Yoghurt #8; Blue Raspberry #1

Author: Regret
Rating: 18
Story: Radial: Unravel
Challenge: Blueberry Yoghurt #8 - An Inconvenience; Blue Raspberry #1 - Keeping Warm
Word Count: 641
Summary: What to do when one person is too sleepy for early morning friskytimes, and the other is always more than ready.
Notes: The sad thing is, this has been in my head for ages...

The waking world came calling in the form of Alex’s hand caressing his uppermost hip, making an occasional detour to trail fingers across his stomach. Dim cognisance followed, along with the nudging of an erection against his lower back. “Mmmnstopit...”

The hand lifted; for a moment he found himself missing its warmth. Then it pressed against his ear, flattening it to his head, and he found he didn’t miss it any more. Alex’s breath skimmed his skin. “I want to fuck. Roll over.”

“Nnno.” He mumbled into his pillow. The hand released his ear and returned to grip his hip, tugging to encourage him to roll onto his back. He pulled his knees further up towards his chest in response, pushing feebly at Alex’s fingers. “Tired...”

The snort of amusement tickled the hair at the back of his neck. “You don’t need to do much. If you just turn over—”

He shook his head with more vigour than he felt. Burying his face back into the comfort of the soft linen, he wafted one hand vaguely above his back. “Getonwi’t.”

“What?” The hand on his hip lowered to squeeze his backside, the little finger shifting to nudge between his buttocks.

God, why did he have to be so dense? He raised his head and tried again. “Get on with it.”

The hand stopped moving. The mattress behind his shoulder sunk abruptly and Alex’s face appeared, blurred, at the corner of his eye. “Wait, while you—?”

“Sleep. Yes.” He felt his eyes fall shut without his permission, and he had no particular urge to keep them open.

The dent in the mattress didn’t move: Alex was still propped up on his elbow, probably staring with incredulity at the alfa. He could imagine his expression and couldn’t stop his smile. Now, if only he wasn’t letting all the cold air in down the quilt... “You’d be okay with that?”

“Meh.” The word felt thick in his mouth. The bastard was bringing him dangerously close to waking up. “Not the first time. ’Least you asked.” He was proud of his sleepily diplomatic avoidance of the word ‘demanded’.

“You’re sure?”

Funny, he’d always thought Alex would jump at this kind of opportunity, the chance to do what he wanted to someone who was too tired to care. He nodded again and nuzzled back into his pillow, pushing his arse back against his bedmate to emphasise his point.

The depression behind him vanished briefly, only to be replaced by a blast of cold against his back and heat on his shoulder as Alex reached over him. Next time, the lube was going on the floor on his side of the bed; he grumbled and tried to snuggle further down into the sheets, ignoring the brush of Alex’s cock against his skin. “You’re sure?” He repeated, sliding back beneath the quilt beside him.

“Mmmyeah.” Why did he want a response? It was bad enough everything he did seemed designed to keep him awake. Even now as he fiddled beneath the sheets the movement of his arms was sending fresh icy breezes along his spine. One day he really would have to buy a heater.

The pressure of Alex’s cock against his hole had him pressing his face deeper into the pillow; the hot sigh against the back of his neck as he eased his way in rose goosebumps on his skin. The hand fell back to his hip, then down to his thigh; heat spread across his back as Alex pressed himself against him.

Against all odds, and certainly against prior experience, it felt good. He murmured wordless sounds against the softness of the pillow and arched his back into Alex’s warm stomach. In response the hand slid over his leg and down to cup him gently.

Really, there were worse ways to spend a Sunday morning.

Tags: [author] regret, [challenge] blue raspberry, [challenge] blueberry yogurt

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