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Title: Farewell
Author: skybirdday
Series: My King
Challenge: Carrot cake #2 - breathe/Acai #3 - walk it off/Boysenberry #2 - forever and a day
Series: 4th and last story in the Eastern Arc


The last week of the Eastern Kingdom's stay was bittersweet as old and new friends spent the rest of
their time together talking and hunting or walking.
 The next to the last day found Leto and Gwynn standing outside the castle.  "Where is Athena?  Should
she not be here by now?  Were we not going to go on a run?"
 "Leto, she and Daisuke are spending what time together with each other as they can.  Daisuke will be leaving in two days."
 "No, Leto is right," said a voice nearby.
 Leto and Gwynn jumped and turned to see two figures come up to them.
 "By the One!  Athena, you gave us a fright.  Hello, Lord Daisuke," said Leto with a nod.
 "Forgive me, Lady Leto, Lord Gwynn, for stealing away your leader of the guards."  Then he turned to Athena. 
"Forgive me, my love.  I did not mean to take away your duties.  I shall see you later."  Then he kissed her goodbye
and walked away, leaving them alone.
 Leto smiled at Athena.  "You two are becoming quite close.  Any marriage bans yet?"
 Athena smiled.  "Not yet."
 Gwynn frowned.  "Leto, stop interfering."
 Leto frowned at Gwynn.  "It must be said.  You two are from different kingdoms and cultures.  Can you
two have a happy marriage?"
 "Daisuke and I do not know.  We are still trying to get to know one another.  Whether or not we marry, we shall
not forget our love even if we choose other people.  Marriage, I believe, is a blend of one's body, mind and soul to
another.  Also you must compromise sometime.  You cannot expect life to go on and make the decisions alone
without considering your mate's feelings.  You must talk about things together.  It does no good to skirt the issues.
 "Speaking of which, what of you two?" said Athena, folding her arms in front of her.
 "What about us?" asked Leto.
 "Any romances for the two of you with anyone from the Eastern kingdom?"
 "Bah!  The men here are no match for me," said Leto with a frown.
 "Have you talked to them?"
 "No, I have spent more time with the lady warriors and we have sparred with them.  A few of them are competative like me."
 Athena turned to Gwynn.  "What about you, Gwynn?  Do you like the women from the Eastern kingdom?"
 Gwynn nodded.  "Aye, they are beautiful and can be fierce as women of Southern and Western kingdoms.  Unfortunately,
I have only admired them from afar."
 "Why?" asked Athena.
 He sighed.  "My heart is not in it."
 It was silent for a moment before Leto spoke.  "Shall we began our run?"
 Athena nodded.  "We shall.  Let us go."  Then the three of them began to run across the wide yard until they could no longer be seen.


 On the last night, King James held a great feast.  At several tables, the two kingdoms sat together in friendship minged
with food and wine.  At King James' table sat Athena, Daisuke, King Isamu and Queen Hana, Leto, Gwynn, Lord Brody
and King James. 
 Daisuke smiled. "King James, you put together an amazing feast."
 "Thank you," said King James.
 "He can sweet talk Cook into preparing his best dishes and Cook has studied with all the finest cooks in all four
kingdom," said Athena.
 "Cook has out done himself.  There's roasts, whole roasted chickens, and dressed game. Bowls of every sort of
vegetable sauted in spices and butter, rice and pasta, and every dessert. . " said Lord Brody.  "Well done, my good man!"
 Then King James rose and toasted his guests as everyone went silent.  "I wish to speak.  To friends old and new, I am
glad that the Eastern and Western kingdoms could come together in peaceful friendship.  I have met so many different
people here.  I hope that our friendship can continue through the years.  Now please enjoy the feast."  Then people table
by table slowly went and got food as they ate.
 Later as they poured more wine, Daisuke said "Is it okay to write you?"
 "Of course.  It will be nice to keep in touch with you and Isamu.  Thank you for the addresses."
 "I look forward to hear from you, my love," he said as they lightly caressed each other's hands under the watchful
gaze of his sister Hana.
 At the other end of the table sat King I samu and King James.  Isamu turned to James and said softly.  "Your
majesty, what do you dream about?"
 King James smiled sadly.  " I dreamt of a world without me and another in my place.  It seems like a good life in
the future.  All are happy with the present ruler.  They rule well."
 "They?" asked King Isamu.
 "The King and Queen.  I seemed that I made the Queen my heir."
 "Do you know who it is?"
 "Yes.  However I will have to tell my guards before I tell the one who I will choose as my heir."
 "I wish you well.  Now, more food as we talk about different things," said King Isamu with a smile.
 "Yes," said King James as they got up to get more to eat.


 The next day, the party from the Eastern Kingdom got on their horses and left the Western KIngdom after everyone
said goodbye.  The Western people watched as the Eastern party rode away until they could no longer be seen.


I have the story where King James has his vision.  Will post in a few days (hopefully)


Runaway Tales



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