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Author: lady_leia_solo
Story: The Mondian Chronicles (Archive)
Title: Once Upon A Time
Challenge: Cherry Chocolate Chip 16: shame, Chocolate Chip Mint 17: familiar, Pistachio 27: pet peeve(s)
Toppings: Gummy Bunnies (#15: question from 50scenes and #70: embarrassment from 100_tales)
Word Count: 591
Summary: Do you know what that necklace symbolizes?
Rating: PG
Notes: This piece takes place a week or so after Journey to the Past. Elisabeth is about thirteen, Marguerite is about twelve, Prince Henri is about 6, Marie-Therese is about 25, Martine is about 20 and Henri is about 50. Anna has been dead for about eight years when this takes place.

The royal family was breaking their fast.

Princess Marie-Therese was sitting on her father’s right side. She kept glancing at the Queen, Martine, who was sitting on the king’s left side.

Prince Henri was sitting next to Marie and had jam on all of his fingers. Around him were the beginnings of a tiny mountain of bread crumbs.

Princess Elisabeth sat next to the Queen. She kept glancing at her sister, Marguerite, who sat next to Henri.

The other royal children were too young to eat at the main table and were having their breakfast in the nursery.
Henri glanced at Elisabeth. He started to turn away when something caught his eye.


She looked up. She smiled at her father.

“Yes, Papa?”

“What is that?” He said pointing to something around her neck.

Elisabeth looked down at the necklace she wore before turning back to her father. She opened her mouth to speak, but closed it again.

“Elisabeth, I asked you a question,” Henri said.

“It’s a necklace.”

Henri frowned. “Yes, I know that. But why are you wearing it?”

Elisabeth played with the necklace. She knew she shouldn’t have worn it around her father.

“It’s mine,” Elisabeth said, hoping he wouldn’t ask any more questions.

Henri opened his mouth to say something but Martine interrupted him.

“It’s a beautiful necklace,” Martine said leaning over to get a closer look at it. “Look at the amethysts on it. Where did you get it from?”

“It belonged to her mother,” Henri said before Elisabeth got a chance to open her mouth.

“What?” Marguerite said leaning across the table.

Elisabeth grimaced. She should have known wearing the AE necklace would cause some disturbance. She should have just hid it with the rest of the jewelry she found.

“What’s AE stand for?” Prince Henri asked.

“Anna Everart,” Marie said disdainfully.

“Who’s Anna Everart?”

“Her mother,” Henri said. He wiped his mouth before putting down the handkerchief.

“I’m sorry, Papa. I just thought it would be nice to wear it.”

“Did your grandmother give you that?”

Elisabeth shook her head.

Henri sighed. “You’re protecting them, I see.”

“No, they didn’t give it to me, Papa.”

“How else would you have come across that necklace, Elisabeth?”

Elisabeth shrunk at her father’s voice. She looked at Marguerite for help, but she was watching their father.

“Do you know what that necklace symbolizes?” Henri asked.

“Darling, I think you’re being too hard on her. It’s just a necklace aft-“

“This doesn’t concern you, Martine!” Henri said forcefully.

Martine shot a look at her husband, but she didn’t say anything else. Henri trained his eyes on his daughter.

“That necklace is a testament to your mother’s infidelity. That necklace is testament to treason. That necklace is a testament to the lies she told!”

“But Papa!”

Henri raised his hand.

“I don’t want to see you wearing that necklace again, Elisabeth. I suggest that you give it back to whoever gave it to you.”

Henri stood. He looked around the table at his family before quitting the room.

Martine sighed. Marie cleared her throat. Henri licked his fingers as he watched Elisabeth. Marguerite had her head down.

Elisabeth struggled to hold back her tears. She wished she had never found the jewelry box. She wished she had never taken it. But most of all she wished that her mother was still alive. Then maybe her father wouldn’t be the way he was now. She knew that he had been different once upon a time. But those times were over.


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