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"You're her stepmother."

Name: Lauri
Challenge: Vanilla 18 (nightmare) Extra Malt: IJYB prompt Ransome's nightmare.  Topping: Caramel
Story: War Story
Word Count: 369
Rating: PG-13/M There is one paragraph that brings this to a Mature rating, but it's not too bad.
Notes: I'm claiming Caramel even though I'm not entirely sure where my canon will end.  I think it will end a year or two before this, though.

Ransome looked at his daughter.  When had she grown so old?  Fourteen already?  No she was still two dragging around that doll he bought for her.  She looked so much like her mother.  Is that what made it so hard to do this?

He cleared his throat again.  "Felicity, there are things that you need to know."
"Yes, Papa?"  Her blue eyes were so innocent and trusting.

Oh dear where do I go from here?  "Well, as you know there are major differences between men and women...." No that wasn't good.  "In a few years you'll start wanting to step out with young men.  And I'm sure one day you'll be married to a great man."

Married??? Hells no, not his baby.  He'd kill anyone that wanted to touch his baby.  Is it too late to ship her to a convent?  Did you have to be Catholic?  I could find out.

"I hope so, Papa."  She even looked like she might have a prospect already.

"Well, you need to know about...about what married men and women do."  Oh God this is awful.  "On your wedding night, you'll....well you'll...."

"Take off all my clothes, and writhe with abandon under my naked husband until we are both screaming as he penetrates my delicate folds, and we collapse with exhaustion from our mutual climaxes?"

Ransome sat up in bed eyes wide open, he glanced over at the form of his sleeping wife.  He shook her gently and when she opened her eyes, he said quietly, "You're her stepmother, you'll tell her about men and women."  Then he lay back down and started snoring.

"Ransome, she's only six."  She shook her head and then lay down to close her eyes.  She figured she could go to sleep.  She had at least 7 years before she needed to worry about that conversation.  But oh was she going to have fun when she and Naomi got together tomorrow over coffee.

The next morning Ransome woke up remembering nothing.  Which was probably good as he took Felicity out to fly her kite.

"Papa, Mama's going to have the baby soon, right?"
"Yes, Felicity.  Probably in a month or so."
"How did the baby get in there?"


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Dec. 11th, 2012 06:47 am (UTC)
Why do I get the feeling Ransome has been reading romance novels? :D

I really enjoyed this!
Dec. 11th, 2012 06:52 am (UTC)
lol well I'm not sure that any would be available to him. Thanks!
Dec. 11th, 2012 07:11 am (UTC)
Okay, dream!Felicity's reply was THE GREATEST. BRB laughing forever. <3
Dec. 11th, 2012 07:50 am (UTC)
Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed this!
Dec. 11th, 2012 03:27 pm (UTC)
That was evil. And funny. And very well-written.
Dec. 12th, 2012 03:28 am (UTC)
Thank you x3!
Dec. 11th, 2012 11:02 pm (UTC)
Quite a nightmare indeed. :)

Wonder how he is going to wiggle out of her question at the end there.
Dec. 12th, 2012 03:29 am (UTC)
I'm not sure either, that's why I left it there. :D Thanks!
Dec. 12th, 2012 03:25 am (UTC)
LMAO! Felicity's response in his dream was just awesome. I wonder what he has been eating and drinking far too late in the day before going to sleep to get vivid nightmares like that. Funny ending :)
Dec. 12th, 2012 03:29 am (UTC)
Everyone loves that part! :D Thanks!
Jan. 26th, 2014 07:43 pm (UTC)
lol, brilliant! Loved the dream Felicity response and loved the ending.
Jan. 28th, 2014 11:21 pm (UTC)
Thanks. Yeah, dream Felicity's response was priceless.
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