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Author: lady_leia_solo
Story: The Mondian Chronicles (Archive)
Title: Decisions
Challenge: Cotton Candy 11: reassurance, Creamsicle 17: acceptance, Cherry Chocolate Chip 30: fulfillment
Toppings: Gummy Bunnies (#74: decisions for 100_tales and bohemian from Hourly Writing Prompts on Tumblr)
Word Count: 492
Summary: She wanted to look into his green eyes, the eyes she had inherited from him.
Rating: G
Notes: The year is 1123 AW. Aishe is half-Autari. The Autara are a race of people living across the Mondian countryside as well as in the major cities. They are also spread across the rest of the Adeodatian continent. Daya means mother in the Autari tongue.

She had been brooding over this for sometime.

She had just turned sixteen. She knew her mother was planning for her to wed. But Aishe didn't feel right.

It wasn't that she didn't like the boy. He was very handsome and he had always treated her well. But she wanted something more.

As she washed the clothes outside in the steam, Aishe thought on her options.

She could stay here in the village or she could leave. If she were sane, she would choose to stay in the village. But they hadn't called her the crazy one for no reason.

She wanted to see the capital. She didn't want to admit it, but she wanted to find her father. She didn't kid herself that he ever thought about her or the rest of them. But it would be nice. To look into the green eyes that she shared with him.

She made up her mind as she walked back to the cottage. She would leave for the capital.
“Daya,” Aishe started.

Her mother looked up from the pot.


“I've been thinking about something.”

Her mother smiled and wiped her hands on her apron. “You were always my little dreamer, Aishe.”

Aishe smiled.

“I...I'm leaving in a few days. I'm going to Morelessa.”

Her mother stopped stirring.


Aishe stopped chopping the vegetables. “I've been saving up and if I want to get a patron for my art, Morelessa is the best place to be and-”

“Aishe, you can't go to the capital.”

“Why not? You've said yourself that my art is good...it could be better if I learned even more from a master.”

Her mother sighed and came toward her.

“Morelessa is,” her mother started. “Morelessa is a dangerous place to be...for people like us.”

Aishe looked into her mother's chocolate brown eyes. She saw fear there.

“I know it isn't the safest, but surely there are some kind of laws...?”

“Those people don't care about the laws. And the laws? They are flimsy at best. Aishe, trust me. It is safer for you here,” she said putting her hands on Aishe's shoulders.

“Daya, I can't stay in this little village forever. I'll have to take a chance. I'll stay out of their way.”

She sighed. “You want to find your father, don't you?”

Aishe didn't say anything, but the look of surprise in her eyes must have gave her away.

“I dreaded this day. Your father, Aishe. He has a family of his own. Our relationship...we had an arrangement.”

“You don't have to explain to me, Daya,” Aishe said kissing her cheek. “But Father isn't the only reason I want to go the Morelessa.”

She nodded. “I won't stop you, Aishe and I give you my blessing.”

“Thank you, Daya.”

Her mother smiled. “Now go round up your brothers and sisters. It's time to eat.”


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Dec. 6th, 2012 04:13 am (UTC)
I can understand the way Aishe feels about wanting to find something more for and of herself. I hope she can find it where she thinks she can. Maybe, as an artist, she'll actually find it within herself :)
Dec. 6th, 2012 10:49 pm (UTC)
Yeah exactly. I'm hoping to do more with her and I have plans for her.
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