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Cotton Candy 15, Creamsicle 16+ Gummy Bunnies, Malt: More Jam

Author: lady_leia_solo
Story: The Mondian Chronicles (Archive)
Title: More Jam
Challenge: Cotton Candy 15: indulgence, Creamsicle 16: authority
Toppings: Gummy Bunnies (#53: Home from100_tales) Malt (this picture for the Advent Challenge.)
Word Count: 220
Summary: What did your mother say?
Rating: G
Notes: This takes place in 1128. Jean Luc and Charlotte have four sons ranging from ages 7 to 1. Jean Kristophe and Leon are the oldest. Jean Luc is the elder brother of Anna Everart, second queen to Henri I of Monde.


Charlotte raised her eyebrows at her eldest son. Jean Kristophe had jam on his face and he was holding a piece of bread.


“Can I have more jam?”

“I think you've had enough jam for today,” Charlotte said turning to Leon.

Leon picked at his jam and bread. He had always been a picky eater. He had even been resistant to nursing when he was a babe.

Jean Luc entered the dining room. He smiled at Charlotte and ruffled Leon's hair before sitting down at the head of the table.


“Yes son?”

“Can I have more jam?”

Charlotte shot a look at her son, but he smiled keenly at his father.

Jean Luc glanced at his wife. “What did your mother say?”

Jean Kristophe's face fell. He begin picking at his blouse.

“What did your mother say?” Jean Luc repeated.

“She said that I have had enough,” Jean Kristophe said quietly.

“Then we must obey Maman,” Jean Luc said.

Charlotte smiled.

“But you may have extra tomorrow.”

Jean Kristophe beamed at his father. He turned to his mother, but squashed his smile quickly.

Charlotte sighed. She would never teach her sons the importance of keeping to the rules if their father kept getting in the way.
Tags: [author] lady leia solo, [challenge] cotton candy, [challenge] creamsicle, [extra] malt, [topping] gummy bunnies
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