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Blue Raspberry #28; Fudge Ripple #17; Malt

Author: Regret
Rating: 15
Story: Radial: Unravel
Challenge: Blue Raspberry #28 - The Scenic Route; Fudge Ripple #17 - Playfulness
Extras: Malt: Day 3 of the Advent Calendar
Word Count: 728
Summary: Alex tries to distract Milos on a train journey.
Notes: This is set post-NaNo (and yes, unfortunately you will be inflicted with the NaNo too, once it's edited [finishing it might be a start]), so slight shift in their relationship. Normally when I finish NaNo my characters want to be put back in their box to recover; these two took one look at this picture and I ended up with this. I don't know if I love them or hate them.

“Stop fidgeting, you’re making me nervous.” Milos complained, as much to deflect from his own fiddling with the ends of his sleeves as anything else.

Alex glared at him, then turned that same foul stare out of the window at the passing rock face. “I hate trains.”

“No, you just hate not being in control.” Milos rested his head against the glass, feeling the vibrations travel down his neck, and watched his companion carefully. “If you could commandeer this train right now you would.”

“No I fucking wouldn’t.” The other man snapped, stretching his arms out along the backs of the chairs and giving a passer-by who was preparing to perch in the seat beside him a look that could make a statue turn and run. It worked: the unfortunate man gave Alex a nervous smile and hastened to another seat several rows away. Satisfied he wouldn’t return, he returned his attention to what passed for the view. “Because trains are limited to tracks, and tracks are not the fastest route anywhere.”

The alfa allowed his eyes to unfocus, the passing tunnel becoming a grey blur. “How inconvenient that he chose to live somewhere without ready road access. You’d think hermits would insist on living near major traffic hubs, wouldn’t you?” He grinned as Alex muttered something under his breath that would burn the ears of a lesser man, then his breath caught in his chest and his mouth fell open as the tunnel wall dropped away.

The panorama that unfolded across the wide screen of the train window was stunning: rocky crags that fell away to a grassy glen split by a river, just far enough below the track to inspire vertigo and with just little enough between it and him to make him nervous.

He must have turned a funny colour, because when he looked up Alex was smirking at him. “Prefer cars yet?”

“And come up something like this with your driving? Fuck no.”

Alex raised an eyebrow. “You’re saying there’s something wrong with my driving?”

Milos almost choked, then started to laugh hard enough to draw the attention of several nearby passengers. “You did not just say that!”

For one second a wide grin flashed over the human’s face, rendering it boyishly beautiful; the next thing he knew Alex had wrapped his fingers around Milos’s ankles and yanked them upwards.

The alfa let out a yelp as he shot down the back of the seat, scrabbling for purchase against the wall, shoving the heels of his hands against the cushions and doing absolutely nothing to stop his downward movement. “What the hell are you doing?!”

Above him, Alex grinned again and wrapped his arms around Milos’s shins, stepping forwards until Milos’s skinny ankles were balanced easily on his shoulders. “What does it look like?”

Despite himself he could feel heat flooding his cheeks at their closeness. “Not here,” he hissed, squirming to free himself—trying not to feel guilty that he wasn’t putting that much effort into it—and gesturing with his head to the other passengers, some of which were looking at them now like the two men had taken total leave of their senses. “I mean, look...”

Alex’s grin widened, then vanished as he raised his chin and stared down some of the more obvious gawkers. “Got a problem?”

If he could have sunk further into his seat, he would have done.

When he was sure no one was looking—or, at least, if they were then they were doing so surreptitiously—he smirked back down at Milos. “Better?”

“Better,” he couldn’t stop his own grin from forming, even as Alex lazily rolled his hips forwards against him, “but still not fucking happening.”

Alex raised an eyebrow and nudged his hips forward again, then stepped back to his own seat without letting go of Milos’s ankles; the alfa yipped in alarm as only his shoulders remained perched on the seat, feet now on Alex’s lap. “Fine then. You can wait.”

I can?” He tried to push himself up with his elbows; Alex’s grip was too firm. “And I’m stuck like this for...?”

“For the rest of the journey.” Alex smirked.

Milos sighed, then grinned and tucked his arms behind his head instead. Through the window, the drop had vanished; all he could see was sky. “Then I guess I better get comfortable.”
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