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Blueberry Yoghurt #3

Author: Regret
Rating: PG
Story: Radial: Unravel
Challenge: Blueberry Yoghurt #3 - A Secret
Word Count: 633
Summary: Milos thinks he can keep secrets from Alex. Alex disagrees, but finds a little more than he expected when he investigates.
Notes: Follows directly on from Cantrip/Remote/Guilt. I managed to get references in to two other pieces I've written and a third I've got in my head, which I shouldn't be as amused by as I am since I wasn't planning for them...

Milos jumped guiltily as Alex opened the door to their office, slamming the cover of the file he’d been reading closed again. “I thought you were in a meeting.”

“It finished.” His gaze flicked over Milos’s hands, balled into fists on top of the brown card, then he pointedly looked away. “You’re late.”

The alfa glanced up at the clock then swore. Dropping the file into his desk drawer, he turned the key then slid it into his jeans pocket, eyes following Alex in a way he no doubt thought was hardly noticeable. Like Alex hadn’t had enough practice dealing with people who thought they were cleverer than they were. “See you later,” he mumbled as the human made his way towards his own desk, then sprinted from the room like his life depended on it.

Given his Adult Education teacher’s attitude towards lateness, there was every chance it might.

Alex paused, resting the heel of his hand against the edge of the wood, and listened to the rapidly receding sounds of footsteps. Smiling humourlessly, he turned on his heel and stalked towards Milos’s desk, dropping himself into the chair with a thud that made it bounce and groan in protest. Damn thing needed replacing, really.

Stupid elf always forgot that Alex had the keys to everything in this office. He unlocked the drawer again and slid the file from it, the smile fading to a more customary frown. If he was looking through his files again he would kill him—honest-to-God kill him—and damn the consequences. He wasn’t here to babysit immature trainees, especially not freakish mutant elf ones, and if this was what he thought it was, this was the final straw. He slapped the folder down on the desk and glowered at it.

Then paused, his frown deepening. Beyond a cursory initial curiosity, Milos had paid absolutely no attention to his own files. He’d got as far as their meticulously-researched history spanning the ages of 13 to 18, paled, and shoved the papers back into Alex’s hands; probably something to do with the names and dates contained therein. He was pretty sure they had a far better idea of who Milos had slept with than the elf himself did. So why he wanted to look at it now and not let Alex know was a mystery. He hoped to God the stupid boy wasn’t planning any more visits, because that last one had gone so well...

He flicked the cover open and stared down at the two photographs clipped to the first sheet. This... was the last thing he’d expected, when in hindsight it should probably have been the first, particularly considering the day’s earlier events. The two dark elves stared back out at him, a frozen moment of time from a quarter of a lifetime ago. The woman had golden-brown hair and a pretty smile; Milos was starting to bear a strong resemblance to the pale-blond man with the handsome features.

It wasn’t a surprise that Milos had no photographs of his parents, he’d run away from the care home before they could sort anything out and the council had made absolutely no effort to look for him. All personal effects were no doubt in storage somewhere, waiting for the next of kin with no idea of their existence to claim them.

With a sigh he flipped the cover closed again and dropped it back into the drawer, debating whether or not to lock it again. On one hand he enjoyed fucking with the irritating elf; on the other...

He locked it again. It could be his secret, just like Milos thought it was theirs. He guessed he could think of it as payback for Milos reading Alex’s files. It just didn’t feel like much of a victory.
Tags: [author] regret, [challenge] blueberry yogurt

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