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Blueberry Yoghurt #26; Fudge Ripple #1

Author: Regret
Rating: G
Story: Radial: Unravel
Challenge: Blueberry Yoghurt #26 - Double Take; Fudge Ripple #1 - Admiration
Word Count: 611
Summary: A certain receptionist finds something that makes her day a little bit better.
Notes: Follows on from Domination / Camera, and inspired by the comments about Ms. Receptionist - because she does kinda deserve some thanks.

“Come on, I need a break. It’s your turn to man the desk!”

She sighed and slapped the stack of envelopes, then hurriedly retrieved the two she’d sent flying. “I’m doing the post!”

“I don’t care!” Came the instant rejoinder. “I need a damn break!”

Another, deeper, sigh escaped as he poked his head around the office door. How she resisted the urge to squash his ludicrously spiked hair with a letter she had no idea. “I’ll be out in a minute.”

“I’m going now,” he pouted and, before she could pitch something at his head, retreated.

Her shoulders slumped. “Why do I do this, again?” she asked the empty office, but got exactly the reply she expected: nothing. At least, she realised as she peered from the door, the reception was completely empty; she could get the post done without interruption. It was only a couple more letters to be franked, it’d take no time at all. So the desk was unmanned for three minutes. It’s not like anyone would know.

She almost didn’t see the flowers on the glass ledge of the desk, only having eyes for her preoccupation with keeping the stack of envelopes vertical and not spilling from her hands across the floor; it was the sudden realisation that they shouldn’t be there that dragged her gaze back to them. A splash of colour like that in the artfully designed lobby— they were the most cheerful thing she’d seen all day. Resting her fingers lightly on the topmost envelope, she craned her neck to look all around the wide space and frowned as she realised there was no-one to be seen. Perhaps a guest had put them down for a second and forgotten to pick them up again, but that might be easily rectified if there was a name on the card: she could look them up and give them a call to ask.

The writing wasn’t exactly the polished script she expected from their usual class of guest. Well, perhaps they were a doctor... She skimmed through the text, then paused and read again.

Then stared blankly at it for a few seconds, then had another attempt, just in case her eyes were deceiving her.

Nope. Thank you. I promise I won’t be naked in your lifts again. P.S. I didn’t steal these, I paid for them.

Well. She stared at the note a little longer—at least that explained the handwriting; it really did have more in common with a teenage boy’s, after all—and then turned her attention to the flowers, allowing a smile to tug at the corners of her mouth. Anyone who had to point out that their gift wasn’t stolen probably wasn’t in a financial position to buy them in the first place...

It was a jolt to realise that the strange, warm feeling that ran through her was an odd sense of appreciation, not for herself but for the skinny elf boy who, after everything, had fetched these and even though—possibly because of—the fact she’d seen him naked had been too shy to actually come into the reception and give them to herself and her spiky-haired co-worker. “Matt!”

To her surprise, he poked his head around the corner that led to the little lounge, wide eyed.

“Come and look at this.” She held the note out to him and grinned. “Can you man the desk while I go and fetch a vase?” Without letting him reply, she pushed past him and towards the kitchens.

Something else she could thank the boy for: Matt’s expression as he realised her tiny revenge. That one look would amuse her all night.
Tags: [author] regret, [challenge] blueberry yogurt, [challenge] fudge ripple

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