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Vanilla Whipped Cream Sundae-6

Author: Bitz
Title: Outcast in her own House
Rating: Everyone
Vanilla 6. dinner party
Topping/Extra: Whipped Cream (Phoenix is 12)
Story: Hearts on Fire Series
Summary: Social statuses suck
Characters: Phoenix, Carrie, Shanita Baker, Ava and Sara Curry
Word Count: 409

“Oh, Carrie. I love what you have done with the place, my dear!” The high pitched voice of Ava Curry carried through the kitchen.

“Thank you, Ava! I just redid the kitchen. I wanted a bit of sophistication and country charm mixed together.” Carrie explained as she brought a tray of homemade raspberry lemonade out to the living room. Phoenix followed behind her mother with a platter of sandwiches and was greeted by what looked like all of Prescott, Arizona. Her parents had a get together ever so often; they lived so far away from the city that almost seemed like the needed to have connections. Phoenix really could have cared less if they were here. She hated all this commotion.

“Hello, Phoenix! My goodness, you are looking more beautiful every day you grow!” Phoenix pasted a smile on for Shanita Baker, who smiled at her radiantly back. “Thank you, Mrs. Baker. Sandwich?”

“Thank you! So mannered too! Your mother did a great job. I’m sorry Shanelle couldn’t be here. She had another engagement.” Shanita replied, wrapping her sandwich square in a napkin.

“It’s quite all right.” Phoenix said, pasting a smile and putting the platter down on the coffee table. Ava reached over and grabbed a sandwich saying, “Oh, Phoenix! Sara is waiting for you outside! Why don’t you join her and chat?” Phoenix looked up at her mother to see if she needed anything else. Carrie smiled and said, “I’m good here, Firebird. You can go.”

Phoenix turned and walked out of the front door on to the porch where Sara Curry looked up from the porch swing. The two girls regarded each other before Phoenix walked to the other side of the porch area. From the corner of her eye, Phoenix looked at Sara who was content to listening to her cd player. She was dressed in the best name brand outfit she could obviously find. Her hair was flawless and when she finally decided to look away from Phoenix, she let it be known by body language that we was indeed better than her preteen hostess.

Phoenix sighed in torture and looked up at the evening sky wishing so hard that, Michaela was here. Mickey was a breath of fresh air and she knew how to put smug girls like Sara in her place. But alas…Mickey wasn’t here and Phoenix knew that she was all on her own.


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Oct. 28th, 2012 02:50 am (UTC)
Aww! Gatherings like that are hard work. Hopefully it is worth it, and normal life will be able to resume soon :)
Oct. 28th, 2012 04:24 pm (UTC)
Yeah, Phoenix's family doesn't have alot of parties...thank goodness for Phoenix. She's not really a party person.
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