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Blueberry Yogurt #25

Author: Faeiri
Challenge: Blueberry Yogurt #25 (make a wish)
Extras: none
Word Count: 281
Rating: G
Notes:It was the best-preserved skyscraper in the city. Though its neighbors loomed over it, the gaps in their sides threatened an imminent return to debris. So Melissa, when she felt particularly strong, made the trek up this concrete staircase and looked out the tallest window. It's nearly NaNo season! This one's kind of cliché, but I needed a little bit of cliché.

Though it might well have been daylight, the sky was dark enough even in its warmest hours to show faint imprints of its starry canopy. Melissa didn't prefer to spend her time stargazing: her eyes were focused on the streets below, tracking the few passersby, plotting out her next journey, the plan to keep herself alive. Still, a bright light streaked above her, and despite herself Melissa looked up.
Two stars, almost on top of each other, falling like twins in unison. Two more, the same size, streaking in opposite directions down the horizon. Another, leaving a wide flare as it rushed to the earth.
A meteor shower, Melissa thought. But as foolish as it had seemed at first, she had gradually begun to notice the difference. Rocks burned up in the atmosphere, leaving a fiery sear across the sky. Stars didn't fall. But they shone, and left lights of their own.
Through the barrier of the air, another star burst into presence. The brightest of all, it left an almost silvery trail as it pointed, with a disoriented certainty, to the abandoned fields. And Melissa watched it, crossed her arms, and thought.
She remembered wishing on stars, as a child, back before the world revealed its starkness to her. That same child in her spoke up, and she couldn't bring herself to fight it back. She thought:
I wish we could change things, after all.


Oct. 25th, 2012 04:13 am (UTC)
Really nice :) Cliches are good sometimes. Nice to see Melissa find a moment to look up, and be distracted from her life for a while. Always helps :)


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