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Author: 1306
Rating: G
Challenge/Extras/Toppings: Cookies 'n Cream # 26 (Settle) + Chopped Nuts, Fresh Strawberries (HMCS St John's - FFH340)
Word Count: 228
Story Arc: Mundane
Title: Smooth Sailing
Summary: Connor's new hobby.
A/N: I'm not quite sure what this AU will be about, but I know Connor will be the main focus of it. I'll keep writing and see what happens with it. And feast your eyes at my loosest use of the Fresh Strawberries prompt yet. -__-'

The sea was a gentle landscape of blue when Connor set out on boat, rowing not too far from the shore. It was a clear blue sky set against a vivid blue horizon; like a framed painting atop a fireplace, it was an idyllic setting.

A setting like this couldn't be real, he thought. But it was.

Winds were gentle; though no sail was on his boat, Connor imagined a pair hanging overhead, swaying with the wind in lazy rhythms. Somewhere up ahead, the winds would grow strong, and he would have to brace himself for where it takes him.

That is, if he wasn't in control of the paddles.

He settled nearby a couple of stacks near the coast, a good distance away from where he cast off. The sunlight fell upon these tall, jagged rock formations that cast long shadows on the shore. Streaks of red and brown brightened in the sunlight--a product of a million years' worth of waves, Connor thought.

For a moment, he had put the paddles down beside him. For a while, all that mattered was the sight that he was greeted with; every worry he left behind, the prospect of staying with his gruff (but generally endearing) cousins, the (possibly) bland canned food lunches--

None of that mattered. In that short span of time, he may have found a new hobby.


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Oct. 19th, 2012 03:35 am (UTC)
Really sweet :) Will be interesting to see how long Connor keeps his new hobby up :)
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