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Author: 1306
Rating: G
Challenge: Soft Serve #27 (Mango #27 - "If you only knew"), Cookies 'n Cream #29 (Shake)
Word Count: 520
Story Arc: Planetarium Collective
Title: Taking the Bullet (or, Meteor)
Summary: The aftermath of a meteor impact has Jupiter and Terra sharing a moment.
A/N: So you've probably heard of that impact on Jupiter just a few days ago. And the crazies awesome people on Tumblr started shipping Jupiter and Earth. And since I've got planets as characters, I couldn't resist. So basically, SPACE FEELS.
(though in my canon, Earth is a grown woman and Jupiter is a little boy, so it's more of a mother-and-son relationship. but I digress...)

"Jupiter? Are you there?"

Terra crossed the living room, wary of the people that were seated at the sofa, happily occupied with the game show on TV. She nodded at them, though at the same time she couldn't hide the concern in her face.

"Oh, June's in the kitchen," said Jupiter's stepmom, Betty. "Around this time he's rummaging through the fridge again, I suppose."

Without another word, Terra disappeared into the kitchen, turning her head sidewards to look past the dining table. Her ears picked up the sound of munching and mumbling nearby. She rounded the dining table and looked ahead.

Jupiter was curled up in front of the open fridge, a jar of cookies in his arm and a smudge of chocolate on his lips. There was a content look on his face; one might say it was like nothing had happened in the last twenty-four hours.

The bright red burn on his left cheek said otherwise.

"Terra," he mumbled, the puffed ends of his lips curling into a smile. "Just in time for a snack, huh?"

Not a second thought entered Terra's mind as she knelt down beside him. She lifted her chin and looked at the burn with a wince.

"Oh, this?" said Jupiter. "Some mean meteor or whatever did it. It wasn't fun at all."

"Does it hurt?" Terra cooed him into her arms, gently brushing his right cheek. Jupiter shook his head; he had the burn for almost a full twenty-four hours, yet didn't feel the slightest sting of pain.

He had shook off the meteor impact as a brief pinch on the face. Not that Terra would regard that in such a manner.

"I should have known," Terra sighed. "Something like this could happen to you. I'm sorry."

"For what?" Jupiter looked up at her, eyes wide with curiosity. "We're all prone to meteor strikes every now and then. I'm fine, Terra, trust me."

Terra felt a knot in her stomach. "I can't stand seeing any of you getting hurt like this. None of you deserve this."

Jupiter sat there for a long time with a cookie in hand, staring blankly at the bottles of milk and jars of jam on the fridge's middle shelf. A few seconds later, he lifted the cookie up towards Terra, pushing it into her hands.

"All the same, I don't want to see you hurt, too," he murmured. "You or the beings that live in you, at that. I'll be fine catching meteors in my atmosphere every now and then; that won't hurt me at all. But you..."

He settled himself snugly against Terra's chest, hugging the cookie jar closer to him. "If you only knew the millions of meteors I'd dodge for you guys."

Guilt wrung Terra to the point where she embraced Jupiter, while at the same time holding back the tears brought on from the thought of any of her friends getting hurt.

Jupiter, though, was all smiles throughout the moment. "You know, Terra, Mars was right. You're like a mother figure to all eight of us. And I wouldn't have it any other way."


And also, as a bonus, here's my Soft Serve lists: fifty prompts of most of the flavors I've finished over the time I've been on RaTs.

1. Strawberry Custard #10 (Blood from Stones - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tdAuXPvWrgs)
2. Carrot Cake #30 (Sleep)
3. Dragonfruit #29 ("One last desperate hope")
4. Black Cherry #18 (Cold as Ice)
5. Green Cheese #18 (Planet)
6. Fruit Punch #1 (Cold Case)
7. Licorice #26 ("A green and yellow basket")
8. Blueberry Yogurt #1 (The Blues)
9. Mocha #13 ("When I get my hands on you")
10. Ginger #7 (Assembly Line)
11. Creamsicle #10 (Maturity)
12. Marzipan #20 (Mouse)
13. Thyme #6 (On the Ball)
14. Cola #12 ("Don't hate me because I'm beautiful")
15. Chocolate Chili #8 (Inner Conflict)
16. Vanilla #23 (Music/Dancing/Singing)
17. Vanilla Custard, Double Scoop #5 ("Scandalous!" - The Ashleys, Recess)
18. Hazelnut #30 (Buried Treasure)
19. Plum #2 (Rat Race)
20. Pina Colada #18 (Right)
21. Candy Corn #6 (Graveyard)
22. Cloves #6 (Six Feet Under)
23. Peach #15 ("In my humble opinion")
24. Papaya #9 ("I've got my eye on you")
25. Banana Cream #12 (Feed)
26. Amaretto #28 (Common Sense)
27. Mango #7 ("If you only knew")
28. Peppermint #4 (Horn)
29. Chocolate Chip Mint #24 (Flexible)
30. Nougat #2 (Cotton)
31. Rum Raisin #5 (Son/Daughter)
32. Pumpkin Pie #10 (Torture)
33. Dark Chocolate #8 (Blame)
34. Strawberry Banana #12 (Backrub)
35. Strawberry #17 (Buttons)
36. Pralines and Cream #26 (Lather, Rinse, Repeat)
37. Candy Bar Crunch #20 (Belly Up)
38. Berry Punch #4 (Ants in Your Pants)
39. Green Tea #4 (Afternoon)
40. Toffee #14 (If It Ain't Broke)
41. Triple Berry #1 (Hook, Line, and Sinker)
42. Star Fruit #29 ("Don't forget to write")
43. Pistachio #5 (Punishment)
44. Spiced Pear #25 (Good and Evil)
45. Red Currant #9 (Thin Ice)
46. Clementine #5 (Jump Rope)
47. Peanut Butter #2 (Water)
48. Sage #6 (Characterization)
49. Marshmallow #14 (Tantrum/Rant)
50. Vanilla Custard #6 ("I kissed your lips and it tasted blood" - Regina Spektor//Your Honor)


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Sep. 18th, 2012 02:52 am (UTC)
Aww! That was a cute moment! :D
Sep. 20th, 2012 03:05 pm (UTC)
Thank you :) It was all I could think of after hearing the news of poor Jupiter being struck by a meteor (yet again.
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