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Story: ???
Title: Deal With Mr. D
Prompts: PawPaw #25: when the going gets tough, Vanilla Custard #15: I am too so great, Marscarpone #12: Capita a fagiolo ("occurs at the bean" - happens at exactly the right moment) + cherry (Rory's life! It's tough) + fresh pineapple (Blisters by Superbutt) + malt (Luna's birthday prompt: Here I am a rabbit hearted girl/frozen in the headlights/It seems I've made the final sacrifice - Rabbit Heart by Florence + The Machine) + gummy bunnies (500themes #98: eternal danger) 
Rating: R for cursing, mention of prostitution, drug abuse, child abuse
Words: 1012
Characters: Rory Sauvain
Summary: This is that evil little plot bunny that's been snuffing out all the other much nicer bunnies in my head. We'll see where, if anywhere, it goes. Rory finds an interesting companion when he hits rock bottom.

This was it. Rory didn't want to tempt fate, but he honestly believed that his life could not get any worse than it was right now.

Since he'd hit rock bottom it had become impossible to list all of the things that he didn't have. Instead, Rory counted out what he did have.

He had a mother crying hysterically in the bathroom when she wasn't puking her guts out from her involuntary detox because they were finally too poor for her to buy drugs.

He had a little sister cutting off the circulation in his arm because she was too afraid to sleep in her own bed. Her nightmares about getting picked up by Child Services were coming nearly every night now.

He had an eviction notice on top of a pile of overdue bills, seventy three cents in his wallet, and a sore asshole to remind him what a fucking idiot he was.

Cream puff, what you need is an option.

Rory turned his head towards his bedside table. He could just make out the manila envelope propped up against the wall. And just recently, he'd acquired an option.

It had happened when he was walking home from The Biggest Mistake of His Life. That's what Rory had decided to call it instead of Idiot Virgin Whore Gets Raped, Beat Up, and Stiffed. At that point, Rory had still been numb from the whole trauma of being not only a bad prostitute, but a stupid one too. He'd limped on autopilot to the bus stop and stood there for a good twenty minutes before a sleek black car had pulled up in front of him.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, cream puff, but the buses stopped an hour ago.

That was the first thing Mr. D had said to Rory. It hadn't been the last.

 Mr. D had been exactly what Rory had always figured he would be. Attractive, expensive, and dangerous because he knew exactly what to say to make Rory consider his offer.

Make no mistake, cream puff. I'm the real thing. You play with me and you're probably gonna get burned. Eternally. But here's the kicker, my little sweet treat. Who else is going to offer to help you?

That was the kicker. Rory had never been particularly smart or strong. He couldn't take care of his mom or his sister. He couldn't even take care of himself. There were no options, no handouts, no good samaritans. That's what rock bottom was: when no one but Mr. D would have you.

Mr. D had made his offer while he'd driven Rory home from The Biggest Mistake. If he signed the contract in the manila envelope before it disappeared at midnight, Rory wouldn't be getting just one thing. He'd made a deal for three.  

First, to fix all the problems with his mother. It'd take nothing short of Mr. D's brand of intervention to get Hailey Sauvain to resemble a respectable human being again.  

Second, to give Luna a happy life. More than anyone else in this fuck up of a family, his sister deserved to be happy.

Third, and the most important, Rory would never be this desperate a second time. He had to know that life would never again get this bad. He would do just about anything for that assurance.

In return for the three things, Rory had initially figured Mr. D would be asking for the usual thing.

Cream puff, you just handed your virginity over to an aging, right-wing hypocrite in the back of a Ford Taurus so you could buy black market pills for your drug addicted mother. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but, as far as your soul is concerned, I've pretty much got that in the bag.

Rory flushed scarlet even now when he thought of Mr. D's laughing response. It had crossed his mind more than once in the past month that he was Hell-bound but to actually hear it from someone in the know was humiliating. Terrifying. Inevitable.  

Mr. D hadn't bargained for Rory's soul. Instead, he'd bargained for his life. There were...things that Mr. D needed done.

You know – errands, tasks, jobs, the daily minutae of life, etcetera. Really, cream puff, who'd expect me to do things?  

It'd bothered Rory that Mr. D hadn't been any more specific about what he wanted Rory to do but Mr. D had sworn nothing he asked of Rory would violate his three bargains. Under the circumstances, that was about as much comfort as he could hope for.

But should Rory sign the contract? He glanced at the clock. It was 10:30 now. One and a half more hours before midnight came and the deal was off the table for good.

I'm a busy man, cream puff. And you know the thing about once in a lifetime opportunities. They only happen once.

His mother was wretching again. The violent sound made it through Luna's dreams. She curled herself even closer to him, throwing one leg over his and brushing against a deep bruise on his thigh. Rory hissed out his pain but didn't move his sister. It served as a reminder of what was at stake here.

The world's on the verge of eating you up, cream puff. The question is, how bad do you want off the dessert menu?

He wanted it bad, Rory decided. He wanted a mom that didn't go after him with a knife if she hadn't had her fix for the day. He wanted a sister that wasn't so afraid to laugh. He wanted food he didn't have to steal and a home he didn't have to worry about getting kicked out of. He wanted to forget that he'd turned whore because there'd been nothing else for him. He wanted the world to stop chewing on his ass and give him a fucking break.

Rory Sauvain wanted to get off of rock bottom, and if that meant getting a hand up from Mr. D then so be it.


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Sep. 4th, 2012 12:59 pm (UTC)
Reading about Rory's family was absolutely heartwrenching. I could see why he would be desperate to get out of rock bottom, though I hope this Mr. D has good intentions towards him. I'd love to read more about this; everything just feels so ambiguous that I want to know what happens next,
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