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Cherry Chocolate Chip #14: Sweet Sixteen

Author: lady_leia_solo
Story: The Life and Times of Mari (Index/Bios)
Title: Sweet Sixteen
Challenge: Cherry Chocolate Chip #14: cheer
Toppings: None
Word Count: 664
Summary: Mari and Co. attend a birthday party thrown by their friend, Lana.
Rating: PG-13 for alcohol use
Notes: This takes place in early 2007.

“Go Daniel!” Mari cheered at the stage.

Daniel was playing with his band, The Dirty Rebels. They had booked this gig to play at one of Mari’s fellow classmates sweet sixteen.

“Doesn’t he sound good?” Mari said to her friend, Alexa.

Alexa looked down at her watch. She looked around the crowded room and sighed.

“What is it, Alexa? Did your Dad tell you to be home at a certain time?” Mari said clapping her hands.

Daniel saw her and winked in her direction which made some people look in her direction.

“Yeah. I have to be home by ten,” Alexa said fiddling with her wild curls.

“But it’s the weekend Alexa!” Mari said throwing her arm around Alexa. She put her head on her shoulder.

Alexa smiled and hugged her. “You know how my dad is, Mari. He’s so strict.”

Mari sighed as the music came to an end.

“At least he cares about you.”

“What do you mean?” Alexa asked above her head.

“My Dad was supposed to come and see me this weekend, but he supposedly has to work. It’s probably just because he has a girlfriend or something,” Mari said bitterly.

Jennika returned with their drinks. She handed one to Mari, then to Alexa. Alexa sniffed hers.

“This doesn’t have any alcohol in it?” Alexa said eyeing the drink.

“It’s just sprite, not vodka,” Jennika said sipping hers.

“And what do you have?” Mari teased.

Jennika winked at her. “You know me; I had to get a Sex on the Beach.”

Mari shook her head, but laughed and took a sip of her rum and coke.

“Do Lana’s parents know that there’s alcohol here?” Alexa asked.

Jennika rolled her eyes. “Of course they know. They supplied it.”

“Oh,” Alexa said quietly.

Mari looked over at Alexa. She put down her drink.

“You know I think I’ll just get a cola.”

Alexa looked up and smiled at Mari. Jennika shook her head but didn’t say anything.

Mari left the two girls and went into the kitchen. It was littered with kids. She saw Daniel talking to some girl who had her hand laid on his arm. She felt a flash of jealously, but she ignored it and opened the fridge.

“Hey Rodriguez,” a male voice said behind her.

She turned around and saw Quincy Banks staring at her. He was sitting on the counter and drinking what appeared to be a White Russian.

“Hey Quincy,” she said pulling out a coke.

“Having fun?” He said jumping down from the counter.

“Yup,” she said smiling faintly.

She felt someone touch her on the shoulder. She looked over and saw Daniel standing behind her.

“Hey Mari,” Daniel said squeezing her shoulder.

She smiled up at him.

“You were great out there,” Mari said turning to face him.

“You think so?” Daniel said scratching his head.

“Yeah, your vocals were really on point!”

“I don’t know, I thought you were off a bit,” Quincy said crossing his arms.

Daniel frowned at him but didn’t say anything.

“Luke wanted to bail. Megan wanted to go on a date or something,” Daniel said after an uncomfortable silence.

Mari smiled. Daniel checked his cell phone.

“It’s almost 9. I better get back out there,” Daniel said.

He smiled at Mari before leaving the kitchen to go find his bandmates.

She walked out of the kitchen leaving Quincy behind. She found Alexa and Jennika along with the birthday girl, Lana.

“Happy birthday!” Mari said hugging Lana.

“Thanks girl! How’s my party going? I hope we don’t run out of drinks and food,” Lana said nervously.

“Even if you do, you know your mom will go out and buy you more,” Jennika said.

“Yeah but I don’t want to call her or anything,” Lana said.

“Calm down, you won’t have to,” Jennika said looking at her cell phone.

Lana turned to Alexa and Mari.

“She never gets nervous, does she?”

“Nope,” Mari and Alexa said together. She never did.


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Aug. 29th, 2012 02:20 am (UTC)
This is a great look at the party. It was a really nice read.
Aug. 29th, 2012 03:41 am (UTC)
Thank you so much!
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