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Flavor of the Day: Baby Talk-1

Author: lady_leia_solo
Story: The Mondian Chronicles
Title: Baby Talk -1
Challenge: Flavor of the Day: (compeer: a comrade; close friend)
Toppings: None
Word Count: 313
Summary: Claude visits his best friend after the birth of his daughter.
Rating: G
Notes: For the Olympic Challenge Day 9. This takes place in the first month of the new year of 1108. Queen Therese has just given birth to the King's first legitimate daughter. The royal couple has a son, Jon Michel, who is eleven months old and also shares a birth month with his baby sister.

Claude entered the nursery where Henri was sitting with his eleven month old son on his knee.

“I hear congratulations are in order,” Claude said from the door.

Henri looked up surprised.

Claude laughed as he came over to his friend.

“Look Jon, it’s your Uncle Claude,” Henri said to his son.

“Cla?” Jon Michel babbled.

Henri laughed. “Yes Uncle Cla.”

Claude bent down next to them.

“So you have a daughter?” Claude said.

Henri ran his hand over the smooth tuft of hair on the baby’s head.

“Yes, I have a daughter now. A legitimate one anyway,” he said winking at Claude.

Claude laughed. “What have you decided to name her?”

“I wanted to name her Elisabeth, but Mother was adamantly against that. She put forth Marie after my sister, but you know I was never as close to Marie as much as I was Amelie. But Therese agreed with Mother, so the little one is Marie-Therese after my sister and her aunt.”

“Do you think the Madame Royal will be pleased?”

Henri frowned. “She’s no longer the Madame Royal. Her namesake is. She’ll probably be upset that her position has now been filled.”

“That sounds like her,” Claude said allowing the baby prince to wrap his hand around his finger.

“So what about you, old friend? When is the dashing Duke of Friene going to get married?”

Claude kept his eyes lowered. “I’m far from marrying, my friend. I like to sow my wild oats.”

Henri laughed.

A woman entered the nursery.

“I’ll take him now, Your Majesty,” she said curtseying low to him.

Henri handed over his son to her but not before dropping a kiss on the boy’s head.

“Take care of the little prince, Madeline.”

She smiled before taking him into the next room.

“Shall we go and see the Queen?” Claude asked.

Henri smiled. “Indeed we shall.”
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