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Marmalade #14; Fudge Ripple #27

Author: Regret
Rating: 15
Story: Radial: Unravel
Challenge: Marmalade #14 - Seat Belt; Fudge Ripple #27 - Euphoria
Word Count: 184
Summary: Milos takes Alex for a trip he's unlikely to appreciate.
Notes: I was trying to pick out a couple of flavours to help spice up the ones I already had, saw this Marmalade prompt and suddenly this was in my head. Just for once, Milos gets the advantage over Alex; how could I resist?

“Where’s the seatbelt?” Alex muttered from behind Milos.

“I’m your seatbelt.” Milos shrugged, glancing over his shoulder at him. “Or there’s a handrail at the back, your choice.”

He twisted to look, then stared at him and wrapped both arms around his waist. “You’ll do.”

Milos grinned.

“Where are the—” Alex’s attempt to finish the sentence with ‘helmets’ was drowned out by the sudden rev of the engine. “Wait, what’re you—”

The bike shot forward; Alex’s grip became crushing. “You don’t trust me?” Milos laughed, swinging out onto the road and into the traffic.

“Fuck no!” Alex yelled. “What the fuck are you doing?!”

“Having fun!” He’d regret it later, when Alex calmed down. But weaving easily between vehicles, with the engine purring between his legs and the sheer terror obvious through the force of Alex’s grip, he felt alive.

Scratch that. As he dodged cars and vans until he hit a clear patch and opened the throttle, his passenger pouring a screaming stream of threats and profanities into his ear that almost—but not quite—drowned out the wind, he felt fucking exhilarated.
Tags: [author] regret, [challenge] fudge ripple, [challenge] marmalade

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