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Clementine #3 Building Blocks

Author: skybirdday
Clementine # 3 - building blocks
Series: Pre My King, these stories feature King Stephen and his family (the king who
came before King Jason and his son)


The baby sat on the floor on a blue blanket wearing a white garment as its pudgy fingers reached out towards the towering blocks before swiping at them. Then they all fell as the baby squeeled in delight.
"It's nice to see a child enjoying Ethan's blocks again, even if to topple them over," said the man as he sat nearby staring at the baby before turning to his wife.
His wife smiled at him as she worked on her pile of knitting. "You are a proud grandfather, Stephen."
Stephen smiled back. "I suppose I am. She is our first grandchild, Anne."
"You are not disappointed that she is a girl?"
"Why? Girls can do anything that boys can. My sister did so when we were little and if she didn't succeed in certain things she could at least say that she tried."
"When I was younger, I always thought my father did not like that I and my three siblings were all girls. I thought it would have been better if I was a boy so I tried all the things that all the young boys did in my kingdom like climb trees and fight much to the dismay of my parents and my nanny."
Stephen nodded. "You told me this years ago after we met. It made you who you are and I love the person that you are. Does our grandchild bring all of that back?"
His wife nodded. "I believe that she will be strong and will take any challenge that comes her way and yet- - -" She went silent for a moment before speaking again. "I wish to spare for the heartache that is to come. The other girls that do not believe that she is worthy to be friends with and the boys who do not believe that she is pretty enough for them."
Stephen nodded. "You want to protect her from everything."
"Yes," said his wife.
Stephen gave her a small smile. "We cannot. We can only teach and guide. She will want to do this for herself before too long and I fear it will be sooner than later. If we protect her too much until she becomes a woman, then how will she survive without us? Nay, we will help, but it would be best if we let go gradually and then she will make mistakes even grown but she will learn and grow and thrive. Hopefully, she will marry and have a family of her own no matter how her life turns out. It is fine to have the best and fine dreams for your children, but we know from experience how such things turn out. Life is unpredictable and wonderful. It would be quite boring if we knew what we would do every day, every month, and every year. Now let us enjoy our time in the present. Look, she is building her towers again with the blocks."
"Only to knock them over again," said Anne.
Stephen and Anne smiled at each other and when the baby knocked her towers over again, they laughed before smiling at the baby, who gave them a smile back.


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