Regret (nothingtoregret) wrote in runaway_tales,

Rainbow Sherbert #4

Author: Regret
Rating: PG
Story: Three Graces
Challenge: Rainbow Sherbert #4 - Green
Extras: Pocky
Word Count: 100
Summary: A sudden sound takes David by surprise.
Notes: I missed the challenge of writing these...


The noise made him start, a circuit board slipping from his fingers. Not that unexpected noises were a rarity, though the lack of pain following was. Heavy impacts from distant corners, however; he could count those on one hand. One finger.

The corners were dark: no windows, just one stark light above his head and the glow from the open elevator behind. Almost impossible to see anything. Almost, because was that—

No. Couldn’t be.

A fleeting face, familiar, inspiring a wave of nausea. A flash of green - not a guard, someone long dead.


He must’ve imagined it...
Tags: [author] regret, [challenge] rainbow sherbet, [extra] pocky

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