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Papaya #1

Author: Regret
Rating: PG13
Story: Three Graces
Challenge: Papaya #1 - Because I Said So
Word Count: 534
Summary: Cas is designated "dealing with David" for the night, to Matthew's disgust.
Notes: I'm very, very aware that this makes absolutely no sense whatsoever when faced with the way I finished the Pumpkin Pie first arc. It will soon. Well, uh. Eventually.

The crash of the opening door would have been enough alone to set Matthew’s nerves on edge, without the tone-deaf singing accompanying it. Beside him, feet propped on the edge of the desk, Cas didn’t flinch. He didn’t even bat an eyelid. “Can’t you do something about him?”

Cas raised his eyebrows but said nothing. To one side, away from the blue glare of the string of monitors, the singing turned into another loud bang and an abrupt curse as David fell over - or into - something.

“This is ridiculous,” Matthew complained, jerking one cable-laden hand through his already untidy hair. “He’s a wanted criminal. Why do you let him go out and get drunk?”

Cas shrugged. In the dark at the edge of the room there came another crash, followed by a burst of loud laughter that descended into quiet giggles. “It’s his choice.”

“Can’t you, I don’t know, tie him up or something?” Matthew threw a glare at David’s vague position. It was just a relief that, judging from the lack of collisions and the soft murmur of slurred lyrics, he’d stopped trying to move around. He didn’t have much furniture and would prefer what he did have stayed in one piece.

“That would be a really bad idea.” Cas swung his feet from the corner of the desk; Matthew watched nervously in case the action dislodged any of the careful piles of paper or stacks of half-empty coffee cups.

Not that he’d say anything even if he did; Cas wasn’t someone he wanted to piss off. He liked the paychecks too much, for a start. But now his curiosity was piqued: “what do you mean?”

Cas shook his head, looking at the other man for the first time since David’s chaotic entrance. “None of your business.” He rose from the chair and Matthew watched as he vanished into the gloom towards David’s last-heard position. The soft scuffling sound and another musical burst of giggles told him that Cas had found his errant companion.

“I’ll look it up if you don’t tell me,” Matthew called out. “You hired me ’cause I can find anything, remember?”

“You won’t.” Cas’s voice was nearer than expected; Matthew recoiled slightly in his seat. Just outside the bright ring of light cast by his screens he could see the outline of the big man leading David to the couch. Well, not quite leading: as far as he could see it was somewhere between dragging and carrying.

“Why not?”

As Cas manhandled the drunken blond onto the sofa, David let out a short shriek of genuine terror. Matthew watched, shocked, as Cas abruptly let go of the other man’s wrist like it was red hot and David huddled into a foetal position on the battered cushions, breathing harsh and only a hairsbreadth from hyperventilation.

For one second Matthew was sure the big man looked shaken. His voice, when it came, was as cold as ever and when he stepped back into the light to resume his position beside Matthew his face was impassive. “Because I said so.”

Some things, Matthew told himself, weighing up Cas’s tone and how much he valued his life, were better left unknown.
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