Shayna (shayna611) wrote in runaway_tales,

FotD #5

Flavor of the Day - 1/12/09 - Hapless with Hot Fudge and Whipped Cream
Rating : PG
Timeframe : 1249
Word Count : 375
Word of the Day : Hapless - unlucky; unfortunate

Well, as I've been on a Seth & Kairn kick, I suppose this is Kairn's word.

Sethan frowned at the broad shadow that settled itself across his work.

“Got something for you,” came Aldo’s voice from behind, all but drowing out the muffled protests of his favorite victim. A chorus of snickers and snorts followed his declaration, laced with yelps from the other.

Sethan laid his stick down in the dust with a sigh. There was a flurry of pink cloth as a body came tumbling into view. It landed with a thump before him, carefully placed lines dissolving into dust all around.

The boys roared with laughter as the tangled mess of cotton fought to straighten itself. A head emerged, shaggy, black locks peppered with crudely tied ribbons in varying shades of pink, one eye purple and swollen. Kairn forced himself up on his hands and knees, mounds of pink swirling about him in the dust, and looked past Sethan to glare at the older boys as best he could with only one good eye.

“We prettied him up a bit for you,” said Aldo. “Well, aside from the eye, but you can’t have everything.”

“I still wouldn’t want to touch him,” Kinu muttered.

There was a soft slap, as of a hand to a body. “Not like he’s got better offers,” said Ril, and both boys laughed.

A knee prodded Sethan in the back. “I’m not hearing any thanks for our gift,” Aldo said.

“You know,” said Sethan, reaching back to brush Aldo‘s leg aside. “You really should stop trying to find ways to make me angry.” More than one of the boys standing over them snorted. “One of these times you might find something that works,” he continued. “And I don’t think you would like that at all.”

“Right,” said Aldo, with another nudge to Sethan’s back before he and his friends stalked away.

Shaking his head, Sethan retrieved his stick and swept a new patch of earth smooth. “You really should stop letting them do these things to you.”

“That’s all you’ve got to say?”

Sethan eyed the figure crouched in the dust, bedraggled mess of ruffles and ribbons. He reached out to pluck one of the shimmering strands from his hair and dangled it in front of him with a grin. “Pink is not your color.”

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