fashion metal riot (hi_falootin) wrote in runaway_tales,
fashion metal riot

milkshake wafer for shayna~

pink lemonade 8. tender loving care
+ cookie crumbs (of this piece) + milkshake +wafer
story: knights & necromancers. medium: pencil.

I'd never drawn Lyssa and Kairn together before (even though I kind of love them together), so I thought I would give it a shot with a scene from Tis But a Flesh Wound.

Lol Lyssa's arm looks basically okay because I wasn't sure how to make it look funky and infected with pencil. But pretend it's funky and infected.

you have to read the story for the context ok ;)

Tags: [author] falootin, [challenge] pink lemonade, [extra] milkshake, [extra] wafer cookie, [topping] cookie crumbs
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