fashion metal riot (hi_falootin) wrote in runaway_tales,
fashion metal riot

banana milkshake for nath!

pink lemonade 10. tangled up in you + rocky road 18. a garden
+ malt (snowflake shake) + milkshake + banana
story: misfits. medium: pen + digital.

Okay, I will fully admit I took all artistic liberty with Wes because I don't really know what he knows like, but I wanted this pic to be a surprise. So hopefully it's amusing at least, if not completely accurate! Hope you like it anyway, Nath :D (It's work safe)

Ittt's Wes and his lovely bride ;)

And now that the milkshake parade has drawn to a close, I can hopefully catch up on some reading!

Tags: [author] falootin, [challenge] pink lemonade, [challenge] rocky road, [extra] banana, [extra] malt, [extra] milkshake
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