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A. P. Roberts

Chocolate Pockies

Author: AP Roberts
Challenge: Chocolate 27 -determination
Topping/Extra: Cookie Crumbs (this piece), Pocky
Rating: G
Word Count: 82
Genre: Fantasy
World: Innis Seun
Title: Tracking
Summary: Ewan is being tracked.
Back to School Challenge for Cookie Crumbs

The man stopped and knelt down, touching his fingers to a print left in the earth. Standing up, he gestured for the other men to follow him.

The men made their way through the forest at a steady pace, slowing down only when the trail changed directions.

It wasn't long before they could hear the rushing water of the river. Looking at each other, the men ran toward the river.

They arrived just in time to see the river claim another victim.

Author: AP Roberts
Challenge: Chocolate # 10 -awe
Topping/Extra: Pocky, Hot Fudge, Butterscotch (approx 1080 years before Bringing the Dawn)
Rating: G
Word Count: 100
Genre: Fantasy
World: Innis Seun
Title: The Well
Summary: Wilfred and Merlin find what they are looking for.
Back to School Challenge for Butterscotch

Wilfred made his way around the rock and promptly ran into Merlin, causing them both to tumble to the ground.

“What in the world are you doing?” Wilfred stood up and dusted off before turning to help Merlin, who was still on the ground. “Honestly old man, I believe all this exertion has gone to your head.”

Merlin pointed past Wilfred into the clearing they had entered. “I think we have found what we are looking for.”

There, surrounded by weeds and rocks, was a small well which, if they were right, held the water of life.

Author: AP Roberts
Challenge: Chocolate # 11 -confusion
Topping/Extra: Whipped Cream (Mamie as a child), Sprinkles, Pocky
Rating: G
Word Count: 83
Genre: Fantasy
World: Innis Seun
Title: Student
Summary: Maire is learning how to cook.
Note: Talbot's mother is called Mamie in the main story, however, her real name is Maire.
Back to School Challenge for Whipped Cream

When Maire was three, her mother deemed her old enough to learn how to cook. Though, her mother still had to cut the vegetables and tend the fire.

Maire caught onto measuring the proper amounts very quickly. She could mix and pour all the ingredients to make the food.

The only thing Maire had a problem with, was knowing the difference between the ingredients. More than once, Maire ruined a dish because she confused the rosemary with the lavender; or parsnips with oregano.

Tags: [challenge] chocolate, [extra] pocky, [topping] butterscotch, [topping] cookie crumbs, [topping] hot fudge, [topping] sprinkles, [topping] whipped cream

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