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Hot Fudge

Author: AP Roberts
Challenge: Vanilla #25 -changing seasons
Topping/Extra: Hot Fudge, Butterscotch, Whipped Cream
Rating: G
Word Count: 530
Genre: Fantasy
World: Innis Seun
Title: Midsummer Snow
Summary: Wilfred is a very hard worker but not a very good friend.
Note: Tags are due to the fact this story revolves around Wilfred Black/Diabhol Dubh, the "villan" who is several hundred years old in the main story, when he was around 13ish. This takes place 100s of years before the main story.
Back to School Challenge for Butterscotch

Wilfred looked up from his work to see the window covered with snow. “Merlin, would it be alright if I took a short rest? I would like to go outside and see the snow.”

Merlin's eyes didn't leave the pages he was translating. “What snow? It is nearing on midsummer, boy. There is no snow.” Merlin paused as he wrote something down on his paper. “Though, if you are hallucinating, maybe it is best for you to finish for the day and come back early tomorrow.”

Wilfred rolled his eyes. “Yes sir. Thank you sir.”

Wilfred quickly put his work away and closed his inkwell. While cleaning his pen, Wilfred was squirming so much from excitement that the nub of his pen sliced into his finger. Wilfred held back a few choice words and stuck his finger in his mouth. A quick glance at Merlin showed him oblivious to what had happened.

Once everything was in its place, Wilfred left the room and went to discover the source of the impromptu snow storm. He didn't have far to go as he ran into his friend Miriam when he turned into the stairwell.

Miriam gave a girly screech and hugged Wilfred. “He let you leave early? I knew the snow would work. Well, I didn't actually know it would work but I had a feeling it would. After all Merlin is always saying that the only time you would leave early would be if it snowed on midsummer. I know it's not midsummer...”

“Miriam!” Wilfred took hold of her shoulders and looked her in the eyes. “Slow down. I can hardly understand a word you are speaking.”

“Merlin, he let you leave because it was snowing right?”

Wilfred nodded slowly, wondering where Miriam was going with this.

“I did that. I made it snow.” Miriam smiled proudly.

Wilfred took a deep breath. “Why would you do that? Aside from the fact you endangered the gardens on that side of the building, you were breaking at least 10 rules. Then there is the energy needed for such a spell. You are hardly trained to control it. What if it broke free from you? It may have damaged the country side, destroyed homes and crops. It may very well have killed someone.”

Miriam bit her bottom lip while tears formed in her eyes. “I thought you would be happy, Wilfred. After all, Merlin is always saying the only time you would ever leave early would be if it snowed on midsummer. So I made it snow so you could leave early.”

“I will tell you this once Miriam and not again. I enjoy working with Merlin. I am the one who chooses to work into the night not Merlin. He tells me I am allowed to leave early any time I wish to. I do not wish to.” Wilfred took a step away from Miriam. “I am going back to work, Miriam, and I would appreciate it if you would refrain from doing anything like this in the future.”

Wilfred turned and walked away, leaving Miriam alone in the stairwell.

Author: AP Roberts
Challenge: Vanilla #27 -Routines
Topping/Extra: Hot Fudge, Pocky
Rating: G
Word Count: 91
Genre: Fantasy
World: Innis Seun
Title: Silence
Summary: Wilfred enjoys two things, tea and silence.
Back to School Challenge for Hot Fudge

Every morning, before the sun rose into the sky, Wilfred would go out into the garden to have a pot of tea.

The only people around were the guards who patrolled the perimeter of the garden and they didn't make any sound. Wilfred was the only one who made any sound in his garden.

There were no birds singing. The wind seldom blew. There were no squirrels or cats or any other animals running through the bushes.

Every morning, Wilfred was alone in the silence, just the way he liked it.

Tags: [challenge] vanilla, [extra] pocky, [topping] butterscotch, [topping] hot fudge, [topping] whipped cream

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