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Papaya #11

Author: Regret
Rating: PG
Story: Arkadian
Challenge: Papaya #11 - It's Not What It Looks Like
Word Count: 172
Summary: Or for Arkadiy, should that be... 'not what it sounds like?'
Notes: This one turned up in my head and made me laugh... I couldn't resist writing it. Set during a planet-hop where four people are sharing a space made for two and not getting along so well... (Or, in some cases, too well. Apparently.)

"Mm... Oh God that's good..."

Ten smiled and leaned forwards, her breath hot against his shoulder. Her fingers skimmed his skin, then kneaded, and Arkadiy let out another moan. "Is that good?"

"God yes." His voice shook.

She repositioned herself over him and slid her hands across his torso, her touch electric to his taut muscles. "And if I do this...?"

His shuddering gasp masked the sound of the door opening. "May I ask what you are doing so... loudly?"

Vanya's voice was like a slap: Arkadiy jerked at the sound of it, his sharp intake of breath nothing to do with Ten's hands.

Ten slid from astride Arkadiy's back, giving the soldier's backside a firm slap as she hopped from the bed. "I hope that helped." In response to Vanya's raised eyebrow, she added with a wink, "it's been years since I gave anyone a massage."

Arkadiy buried his face in his pillow and fervently wished, as the door closed on Vanya's laugh, that the journey would just be over already.
Tags: [author] regret, [challenge] papaya

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