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Guava #19; Papaya #9

Author: Regret
Rating: PG
Story: Arkadian
Challenge: Guava #19 - No Peeking; Papaya #9 - I've Got My Eye On You
Extras: Pocky, Wafer Cookie
Word Count: 100
Summary: Kse is curious about the unconscious Paradigm. Then she's just shocked.
Notes: Follows directly on from Now What?. Because it just wouldn't. leave. me. alone. until I wrote it. Also, intended prompts are coming out sarcastic again...
Finally, apologies for the terrible quality of the picture, can't get a decent photo... And no, those aren't all the scars either...

He looks so young and vulnerable, asleep in the sea of red sheets. Sitting beside him Kse watches the steady rise and fall of his bandaged chest; more particularly staring at the scars that outnumber unmarked skin. It’s probably a miracle he’s still alive.
Curiosity beating professional disdain she leans over him and, gently, removes his eyepatch.
And gasps.
It’s the best reconstruction she’s ever seen: his eye rebuilt exactly, so good he can even close it. Around it is appalling scarring where the flesh was ripped from his face.
She looks away, shocked; guilty. But she pockets the patch.

Tags: [author] regret, [challenge] guava, [challenge] papaya, [extra] pocky, [extra] wafer cookie

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