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Papaya #4

Author: Regret
Rating: PG
Story: Arkadian
Challenge: Papaya #4 - Have It Your Way
Extras: Pocky
Word Count: 100
Summary: Arkadiy drops everything for a personal grudge; Vanya disapproves.
Notes: Comes a bit before Papaya #8 (You'll Never Get Away With This!). Almost thought my laptop was going to eat this one too... thankfully (for me, anyway), this one I could rescue.

She's angry with him and he can see why, but he has no intention of changing his mind.

"You cannot! It is too irresponsible!"

"I have to." He tries to keep his voice reasonable: it's not her fault.

And she knows it. "You cannot jeopardise this mission any further!"

"It's not this mission I'm-"

"Not just that, Captain Olenov, but your career-"

"Screw my career!" The words are harder, harsher than he wanted.

She looks like he slapped her. Her gaze slides away; she frowns. "Have it your way."

Last bridge burned; he has to leave. Havoc needs to suffer.
Tags: [author] regret, [challenge] papaya, [extra] pocky

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