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Papaya #8

Author: Regret
Rating: PG
Challenge: Papaya #8 - You'll Never Get Away With This!
Story: Arkadian
Word Count: 380
Summary: Arkadiy wakes up to a difficult situation and is reunited with an old 'friend'...
Notes: This was supposed to be a pocky, but it got away from me. It was supposed to be set about two years earlier too. And the summary's a bit of an understatement... My only consolation is that stuff finally seems to be converging.

He sat up. He tried to, anyway; he only got halfway when his head crashed against the roof.

He allowed the stars swim across his vision for a moment before shaking his head. It didn't help, they just rearranged themselves into new constellations. The pervasive pressure against the soles of his feet and his back, the triangle of his legs, informed him that his box was shorter than he was.

A loud bang to his left made him jump; his head caught the ceiling again and he tried not to wince. Sudden light made him squint. "Nice to see you awake, 'Kadiy."

He'd have lunged for the face grinning through the panel, but didn't want to encourage it.

"Aw, come on, sulking won't help." Havoc smirked, rapping knuckles smartly against the glassy wall. "Well, to be fair, nothing will right now. But still," he tapped again, a man amused by his prize fish, "it gets you nowhere."

"What are you doing?" It took more effort than he cared to admit to sound calm.

"Doing?" Havoc's face was a picture of innocence. "I'm not doing anything."

Deep breath, deep breath, the steady rise and fall of his chest the only thing keeping Arkadiy's temper in check. Careful not to catch his elbow on the side, he gestured silently to himself.

"Oh, this." The innocence didn't even crack. "You're my hostage. Or, if you prefer," he traced a lazy circle on the glass, inches from Arkadiy's face, and smiled, "my pet."

There was more space to his sides than he thought. The entire unit rattled as his fist crashed into the window.

"That won't get you anywhere." Havoc gave the fist an interested glance. "And you don't want to damage the rebreathing system either."

"You know you won't-"

"-get away with this?" Here was the Havoc he knew: the shark's smile, the deadness behind those stunning purple eyes. "You think you came to be in this by accident? Arkadiy," he leaned forward in his crouch, fingers linked together, "realise this: no one cares."

His face remained neutral; his chest ached.

Sensing his victory, Havoc stood, a movement which mercifully removed that smile from sight.

The last thing Arkadiy saw before the shutter slammed closed again was an airy, friendly, spread-fingered wave.


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Aug. 2nd, 2010 01:19 am (UTC)
Awesome piece! Very creepy and atmospheric! Especially liked the bit about the stars rearranging themselves into different constellations. Will be interesting to see what happens to Arkadiy next. Havoc sounds well named =D

Glad to hear things are falling into place for you. It's nice when that happens :)
Aug. 2nd, 2010 04:32 pm (UTC)
I'm really glad you like it. :) I'm still working out what happened to get him here, I've got fragments in my head but I've still not quite sorted them out, they're a little disordered. I seem to be writing around the one scene I've been wanting to write for almost two years and don't seem able to.

Havoc named himself. >_> Maybe Arkadiy should have asked a few more questions about his squad-mate's childhood.

I think it's not so much falling into place, as colliding... hehe. ^^;
Aug. 2nd, 2010 06:33 pm (UTC)
I seem to be writing around the one scene I've been wanting to write for almost two years and don't seem able to.

I have soooo many scenes like that lol! They will write themselves eventually :)
Aug. 3rd, 2010 10:41 pm (UTC)
I think my biggest frustration is that the scene technically wrote itself once anyway - it was a dream, and I based my entire NaNo on getting to that scene... and never got to it! *g*

Still, we'll get to our 'hidden scenes' in the end, right? ^^
Aug. 4th, 2010 04:56 am (UTC)
Wuh-oh. Poor Arkadiy. This made me think of being trapped in small spaces really vividly, especially the description of the pressure on his back and feet and the space by his sides. Great job.
Aug. 6th, 2010 12:00 am (UTC)
Thank you! Yeah, definitely poor Arkadiy, because Havoc isn't the nicest man in the world and really, if anything, this is likely to be the happy!funtimes highlight of the time they spend together... ^^;
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