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Flavors: carob 11 (creativity), 13 (stood up)
Characters: young Kez
Rating: PG
Story: Abbadon.
Summary: Keziah, about six years old-ish. Learns about fairies and death.
Notes: I guess this is pretty much along the same lines as what I did for Alex a while back, except Keziah's story is a bit more complicated. So I'm not sure how it will work out, but we'll see. 

    “Mom!” Keziah shouted, her tiny fists pounding on the heavy oak doors of her mother’s office with ferocity of the previous night’s hail storm. “Mom it’s time! You said ten minutes!”

    “I’m busy Keziah,” her mother sighed from the other side of the door. “Can we do this another time?”

    “No mom! It only works now,” Keziah huffed. “You have to help me, you said you would!”
    “Why don’t you go play with your friends?” the woman answered firmly.

    “Because! We were supposed to catch fairies, you said at eight o’clock we would catch fairies.”

    “I said no such thing,” her mother replied shortly, still adamantly refusing to open the door that separated her from her young daughter. “Fairies are pests.”

    Keziah gasped. Her mother didn’t believe in playing pretend or make believe, so if she believed in fairies...

    “Fairies are real?!” She demanded, tumbling over own feet in excitement as she jumped at the too-high door handle that seemed to be conspicuously just out of her reach, no matter how much she grew.

    Another distinct sigh slipped under the door. “I shouldn’t have said that,” her mother groaned. “Why don’t you go ask professor Grimbleag about it? And tell him I said I’m sorry for burdening him with this again. Can you do that?”

    Keziah repeated the message smartly, sounding out each syllable in an eerily accurate imitation of her mother’s worn and exasperated voice. She didn’t know what “burdening” meant, but she wasn’t very worried about it - there were more important things on her mind. Namely, fairies.

    As Keziah rushed blindly down the maze of winding corridors that lead to Luke Grimbleag’s crowded, musty office, she was intercepted by another tiny warm body.
    “Ouch!” The other body exclaimed. “Watch where you’re going!”

    “Joshua!” Keziah panted, out of breath from her sprint. “Joshua come quick we’ve gotta go see Luke!”

    The boy gave her a quizzical look, his hair flopping unceremoniously onto his face as he tilted his head to the side.

    “Thought you were Tom...” He said, pushing his hair away from his face repeatedly as it continued to fall back into his eyes.

    “Ew!” Keziah exclaimed, leaning forward to smack the younger boy on top of the head before marching off, deeply offended. Being mistaken for a boy was bad enough, but a boy like Thomas Budny? Unspeakable.

    “Wait up!” Joshua yelled after her. “Where we goin’?”

    Her eyes widened. She’d almost forgotten about Luke and the fairies. “Luke’s!” She yelled, already breaking into another full tilt sprint.

    She very narrowly avoided careening straight into professor Grimbleag’s usually open door, but Joshua was not so lucky - he rammed head first into the heavy wooden doors, letting out a quick cry of surprise as he collided. Keziah was not concerned. She marched up to the door and banged it insistently, just as she’d done minutes ago at the other end of campus.

    “Excuse me mister Luke,” she announced, using her best official and important voice. “Miss Leah has a message for you, and... I wanna find fairies!”

    There was no answer.
    She banged the door even harder.

    “I don’t think he’s here, Kez,” Joshua grumbled, sourly rubbing his forehead.

    “He’s always here!” She insisted, banging so hard now that her fists had begun to throb and ache.


    Later that week, she was given a new black dress and told to keep quiet. A strange looking man spoke in a language she didn’t understand, and a lot of adults cried. She felt weird watching the grown-ups crying because normally only kids cried and she was pretty sure grown-ups weren’t supposed to.

    Her mom told her that Luke Grimbleag was Dead, and she knew what that meant because Dead happened to her fish before. At first she wanted to ask her mom where he found so much water and why he wanted to float all upside-down and stupid looking in it, but then her mom said that he’s not ever coming back.
    Everyone was really sad, they kept crying lots and a lot of people were worried about her, because she was good friends with mister Luke. She wanted to cry, because the grown-ups expected her to cry and she knew she was supposed to, but it was really hard. Maybe she let them all down.

    It felt really bad to not even miss him right.
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