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Creamsicle and Rum Raisin + Butterscotch

Author: Winter Violet

Challenge: Creamsicle #3 Hope and Rum Raisin #13 Victim

Topping: Butterscotch

Word Count: 677

Rated: PG

Story: Scarlet- Cirio and Grace’s story

Summary: Hope for the victims: is there another way to solve this riddle?

Notes:  Ixansis is made up of two islands suspended in air. There are no airplanes; those don’t exist in these worlds. The only way of travelling within the nation is by flying, which by the way is a skill only gifted to members of the royal family.



The two started their quiet stroll around the town Palaet, which had brought Cirio some surprises. They walked under the blazing sun, on one of the driest land Cirio had seen in years. It was far worse than the desserts in Pyros, for at least the desserts where closed in shady oasis. And any Pyrisian would survive the heat, for it gives them more power and energy. But this, in conclusion, bothered Cirio very much. People in Ixansis could not stand such weather.

“Why is it so very hot today?” Cirio asked from under his royal red coat.

Grace wiped the sweat trickling down her forehead, biting her lips in dehydration. She appeared to be in no condition of strolling on such a steamy day. Grace was very beautiful, Cirio would remind himself not to make it a habit of looking at her directly as often as he would have liked to. But he wished he did. Her eyes were the most surreal of them all, the most precious thing he had ever seen in his life. They looked so delicate, a perfect shade of green that made him want to stop breathing----to simply stare at her in awestruck. Her face was like that of an ‘afhen’ which was Cirio’s favorite fruit. It was light in color, with two red spots somewhere in the middle, much like Grace’s appearance. Her body looked ever so fragile, feet as dainty as every part of her. Her smile would even kill a high-ranked officer of the military, who were rumored to be much unbiased with their emotions.

“What’s the matter, my Prince? Is something wrong?”

He was not very good at keeping this secret. “Er…not at all. I was just…inquiring why it is very hot today.”

The streets in the town looked abandoned, with the peasants doing what they can to save what they still have and start from there. But it had been thirty years after the war, the same time Cirio’s older brother was born. They had been dedicating their lives to rebuild a once powerful nation. But in the end, they were still nowhere to begin. They were the victims, Cirio recalled. They were the ones suffering from both the countries’ mistake, and to even put hope into their eyes was difficult.

She smiled at him. “The gods must be aware of your presence here. Do not worry your little head, Cirio. It is all in the balance of nature and…power.”

Lifting her hand, Grace concentrated. It wasn’t long until Cirio’s cheeks kissed the welcoming dance of the wind. It was as pleasant as he thought it would be, especially after coming from a very pleasant girl. The wind was so carefree and soothing, in the midst where the Prince was reminded of memories of his brother.

“I will do better!”

“You must take me to your King,” Cirio pleaded, pity raging in his ash-like eyes. “I must see him at once regarding this matter.”

Grace shook her head in contentment. “I’m sorry. But the King is very far from where we stand. He is in Lo Chenes. The Northern tribe of Ixansis, that’s where he is.”

“Then we must go there at once,” Cirio still didn’t give up. “It’s the good of your people, Grace.”

Laughter at once confused the Prince for Grace thought this was very unethical of her. In fact, this was rather a bizarre idea.

“But Cirio,” she started, controlling her giggles, “Ixansis is made up of two islands suspended in air. The Northern tribe, my sweet, is on the other side! How are we going to get there? I am not a flyer, for my father was only a blacksmith in this town. I am not a princess, nor was I given the privilege to learn how to fly. After the earthquake that shook the whole world of Lhryam, of this world of ours, the two nations have been divided. But back then, the supply of gold and food were still abundant.”

 Cirio took this as yet another challenge to reconsider.


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